Puerto Vallarta and 100 more reasons why I love it!

It’s so easy to fall in love with Puerto Vallarta and all it has to offer! 100 more photos of what I love about Puerto Vallarta. Take the time to walk and explore - chat with the friendly locals, taste the amazing food offerings, explore the neighbourhoods, enjoy the great weather and find yourself returning - to amazing Puerto Vallarta!

Los Muertos Pier_C05857.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Los Muertos Beach C01277.jpg

Gringo Gulch_C05831.jpg

Puerto Vallarta window C05841.jpg

John Huston_C05846.jpg

Los Muertos Pier BW_C05857.jpg

Puerto Vallarta streetfood IMG_1021.jpg

Puerto Vallarta colours C05866.jpg

Joe Jacks FIsh Shack_C06091.jpg

Puerto Vallarta flower C06107.jpg

The Little Seahorse_C06123.jpg

The Urchins_06136.jpg

PV Butterfly_C06147.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C06165.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C06167.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C06190.jpg

Puerto Vallarta stairs C06192.jpg

Boy with Seahorse_C06201.jpg

Conchas Chinas C06219.jpg

Conchas Chinas C06225.jpg

Conchas Chinas C06263.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_C06304.jpg


Puerto Vallarta malecon IMG_0539.jpg

Searching for Reason_IMG_0543.jpg

The Roundabout of the Sea_IMG_0560.jpg

Triton and Nereid_IMG_0571.jpg


Puerto Vallarta_IMG_0587.jpg

Puerto Vallarta door IMG_0588.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_0589.jpg

The Millenia_IMG_0620.jpg

Puerto Vallarta malecon IMG_0646.jpg

Los Arcos_IMG_0671.jpg

Vallarta Dancers_IMG_0683.jpg

San Pascual Bailón_IMG_0696.jpg

Puerto Vallarta market C06404.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_C06410.jpg

Basilio Badillo IMG_C06430.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Sunset IMG_1946.jpg

Churros PV C06455.jpg

Dee's in PV_IMG_1956.jpg

Puerto Vallarta tiles C06457.jpg

Papantla Flyers C06469.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C06483.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C06489.jpg

Amapas IMG_C06503.jpg


Puerto Vallarta C06664.jpg

The Sutle Rock Eater_06671.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C06725.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_1470.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_1672.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C06815.jpg

Humpback Whale_IMG_1341.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C07059.jpg

Whale Watching_IMG_2443.jpg

Puerto Vallarta tiles C06825.jpg

Puerto Vallarta colours C06820.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_2058.jpg

Vallarta Dancers_06847.jpg

Señora Lavando_IMG_2081.jpg

PV malecon sails_IMG_2068.jpg

Tacos El Cunado_IMG 9492.jpg

Joe Jacks FIsh Shack_IMG_1076.jpg


La Azteca Candy Store_IMG 9548.jpg

Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG 9647.jpg

Pipi's PV_IMG_9704.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_9747.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_9820.jpg

Lazaro Cardenas_IMG_9502.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_DSC00934.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_DSC00936.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C01218.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C01285.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C01292.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C01297.jpg

Puerto Vallarta door C00996.jpg

Puerto Vallarta door C01397.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Stairs C01406.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C01407.jpg

Puerto Vallarta door C01408.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C01449.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Sunset C01535.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Sunset C01540.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Panorama C01543.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Dee's Coffee IMG_2960.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Celia's Flan C01568.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Pancho's C01656.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C01662.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Gringo Gultch C01667.jpg

Puerto Vallarta door C01665.jpg

Rio Cuale Perto Vallarta C01670.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Hat Vendor IMG_9486.jpg

Puerto Vallarta VW C01533.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Malecon C01411.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Sunset C01683.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Sunset C01445.jpg

PV NY Collage.jpg

I look forward to returning - as so many do! Until next time…….

Puerto Vallarta and 100 reasons why I love it!

100 photos taken in and around Puerto Vallarta. It’s a wonderful place filled with kind and friendly locals, delicious food, picturesque neighbourhoods with plenty to see and do. Oh yes, don’t forget about the amazing sunsets! I find myself returning to this comfortable, safe and peaceful place along Mexico’s Pacific coast.

PV Malecon_IMG_1826.jpg

The Beach_IMG_9487.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_9524.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_9527.jpg

Tacos Robles_Vallarta Food Tour_IMG_9480.jpg

Tortilleria %22La Gloria%22_IMG_9511.jpg

Tortilleria %22La Gloria%22 _IMG_9513.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_ IMG_9499.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_C04991.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_C05009.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_C05010.jpg

La Azteca Candy Store_IMG_9546.jpg


Puerto Vallarta IMG_9555.jpg

Rio Cuale Puerto Vallarta C04956.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Mural C04965.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_0888.jpg

El Centro PV_C04972.jpg


Puerto Vallarta_C05016.jpg

Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe IMG_0911.jpg

Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe C05039.jpg


PV_Ramiz Barquet_IMG_9685.jpg

PV_Hildago Mural.jpg

Dianita's in PV_C05122.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Lock C05120.jpg

Puerto Vallarta market C05119.jpg

Rio Cuale_C05117.jpg

Florios on Hildago_IMG_9688.jpg


Pipi's PV_IMG_9706.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Street IMG_9704.jpg

Tacos de Birria Alex PV_IMG_9714.jpg

El Arrayan PV_IMG_9721.jpg

El Arrayan PV_IMG_9719.jpg

Calle Miramar PV_IMG_9724.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9730.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Stairs_IMG_9740.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_C05139.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9779.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9788.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9801.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9805.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9834.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9839.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9841.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9846.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9848.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9852.jpg

PV Cobblestone IMG_9870.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Stairs IMG_9872.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9875.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_9891.jpg

Los Cuatro Vientos Hotel_IMG_9892.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_9893.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_9898.jpg

Los Cuatro Vientos Hotel_IMG_9897.jpg

Los Cuatro Vientos Hotel_IMG_9899.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_9912.jpg

Puerto Vallarta colours IMG_9917.jpg

Esquina de los Caprichos_IMG_9921.jpg

Esquina de los Caprichos_C05160.jpg

Puerto Vallarta colours IMG_9942.jpg

Puerto Vallarta door IMG_9945.jpg

Puerto Vallarta home IMG_9949.jpg

Puerto Vallarta blue tiles IMG_9950.jpg

Puerto Vallarta mural IMG_9957.jpg

Gringo Gulch_IMG_9960.jpg

Gringo Gulch_IMG_9962.jpg

Gringo Gulch_IMG_9970.jpg

Home in PV_IMG_9982.jpg

Casa del Arroyo_IMG_0006.jpg

Rio Cuale PV IMG_0020.jpg

Rio Cuale_IMG_0023.jpg

John Huston_IMG_0026.jpg

Rio Cuale Bridge_IMG_0031.jpg

Zona Romantica_IMG_0034.jpg

Zona Romantica_IMG_0039.jpg

PV Malecon_IMG_1894.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Mural IMG_1908.jpg

Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe_C05567.jpg

The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe_C05751.jpg

Puerto Vallarta view C05758.jpg

Hacienda San Angel_C05763.jpg

PV_Ramiz Barquet_C05765.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Window C05770.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C05772.jpg

Puerto Vallarta colours C05775.jpg

Puerto Vallarta street view C05779.jpg

Puerto Vallarta street C05782.jpg

Puerto Vallarta balcony C05784.jpg

Puerto Vallarta colours C05785.jpg

Los Muertos Beach_IMG C05788.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Church C05803.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Church C05810.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Home C05821.jpg

Puerto Vallarta colours C05823.jpg

Puerto Vallarta windows C05826.jpg

Puerto Vallarta window C05827.jpg

Watch for my next 100 reasons for loving Puerto Vallarta and area coming soon!

Valley of Five Lakes, Alberta, Canada

The Valley of Five Lakes near Jasper, AB - on a recent weekend out to Jasper, AB we planned to do some hiking while there and so we chose several locations. As we travelled out to Mount Edith Cavell, we were advised that the road up there was temporarily closed due to bridge repair so we continued on down the road to just ‘wander’ through the Rockies!
We headed south for 10 kms on Hwy 93 and came across a small road-side parking lot with several cars and decided to stop to check out what was there. It was the Valley of Five Lakes which offers hiking options to five different lakes in a valley.ValleyFiveLakes_Collage.jpgAfter consulting the posted maps (and taking photos of it for reference on the trail), we headed out choosing to go to the right on 9a and returning on 9b (see map below). We would hike to lake #5 and work our way backwards to #1. It didn’t take too long before we met up with hikers returning and also passed by a few people with fishing rods and a cooler heading towards the lakes. Off we go.
ValleyFiveLakes IMG_0525.jpg 

ValleyFiveLakes_ IMG_0525.jpgThe hike begins on a relatively flat walking path - the hum of cars from the highway slowly fades away and we’re greeted by patches of wild orchids along side the path. About 15 minutes later, we come to a wooden boardwalk which spans the valley’s stream. A short ascent greets us on the other side which will take us up and over to the next valley where the five lakes are.ValleyFiveLakes IMG_3445.jpg 

Wild Orchids_IMG_0483.jpg

Valley of Five Lakes IMG_0484.jpg
We’re met by another couple who are confused as to which path to take at the point where the two trails fork off in different directions. We show them the photo of the map and they decide to take the same route we’re taking. The path is soft and cushioned by the many pine needles layered on the ground and the sides of the path are lined with thick and soft layers of moss. (I just love moss!)
ValleyFiveLakes IMG_3452.jpg

ValleyFiveLakes IMG_3453.jpg

ValleyFiveLakes IMG_3454.jpg

ValleyFiveLakes IMG_3461.jpg
Another fork in the ‘road’ but we choose the left path leaving the adventure past these fallen trees to someone else! (Perhaps another time). As we continue up and down the trail, it becomes more rocky and criss-crossed with tree roots. Keep your eyes on the path as not to trip but remember to stop and look up to see the beauty around you.ValleyFiveLakes IMG_3455.jpg

ValleyFiveLakes IMG_3456.jpg

ValleyFiveLakes IMG_3457.jpg

ValleyFiveLakes IMG_3458.jpg
Further along we come to a small plank bridge over a babbling brook - I’m sure earlier in the season, it’s flowing much stronger. A few more ascents and descents and we come into view of a beautiful lake. (#5 as indicated on the earlier map)ValleyFiveLakes IMG_3463.jpg

The lake is calm and we hear are the chirping of happy birds. A few couples sit huddled on rocks near the shore line surveying the beauty of this place. Another hiker appears to be meditating. Another has a sketchbook out with pencil in hand.ValleyFiveLakes IMG_3466.jpgA few old boats are tied up near the water’s edge - I’m not sure if they’re actually somebody’s boats or if the public are encouraged to just hop in and take a paddle around this gorgeous lake.ValleyFiveLakes IMG_0496.jpgWe spend a few minutes taking in the beauty of lake #5  and then decide to hike to the next - in actuality, the lakes are very near one another and in three minutes, we are looking at the beautiful hues of the next lake. There is one family picnicing on the south end of this lake while some of the younger ones are wading into the water. (We assumed the water would be quite cold but were told by some other hikers that it was quite warm - possibly because of the lake appearing fairly shallow along some of the edges.ValleyFiveLakes IMG_0497.jpg

ValleyFiveLakes IMG_0499.jpg

ValleyFiveLakes IMG_0500.jpg

ValleyFiveLakes IMG_0501.jpgA few steps further and we see the third lake - again, its colour is amazing - gorgeous blue greens. We continue along the east side of the lake on a path carved into the side of the hill. Looking back on the path, you can see lake #4 separated by only a small embankment beyone this third lake.ValleyFiveLakes IMG_0503.jpg

ValleyFiveLakes IMG_0511.jpgWhen looking back, something red caught my attention just up the hill to the left of the embankment that separated the fourth and third lakes. To my surpise, it was a set of red andirondack chairs. Initially, I wondered who would bring along their chairs but later I ‘googled’ it and found out that these sets of chairs are a project of Parks Canada - who placed six sets of these red chairs in various spots in Jasper National Park in 2014. It was very successful and they plan to place additional chairs this year. Find out more about the project and where other chairs are placed in Canadian National Parks here. The public are encouraged to enjoy the lakeside vistas and mountain views from these chairs and also tweet a photo from the location using the hashtag  #sharethechair. ValleyFiveLakes IMG_0514.jpg

ValleyFiveLakes IMG_0516.jpgAgain, a short hike further and we come across lake #2 - a very shallow lake. It is at this point that I’m reminded of the decreasing lake levels and shrinking glaciers here and around the world.ValleyFiveLakes_C01906.jpg

ValleyFiveLakes_IMG_0518.jpgBeyond the very shallow lake #2, we continue to hike north, past the path (9b) which will take us back to the parking lot, to get a better view of lake #1, the longest and largest of the five lakes. There is an assortment of paths lead down from the main trail to the edges of the lake. We decide to eventually work our way down the steep decline along one of the many paths and eventually get down to the waters edge. What a spectacular view!ValleyFiveLakes _Panorama.jpg

ValleyFiveLakes IMG_0519.jpgWe climbed back up to the main path and backtracked to the fork in the path taking path 9b (located between lake #1 and #2) back towards the beginning of the hike. We get another view from the very south end of lake #1. ValleyFiveLakes IMG_0528.jpgLeaving the beautiful Valley of Five Lakes behind, we hike through forests of trees and moss and wild orchids and remark how pleasantly surprised we were - having never stopped here in the past while travelling along Hwy 93 between Jasper and Banff for years! The stroll back from lake #1 to the parking lot (with photo stops along the way) took half an hour. 

Lesson learned - take time to ‘stop and smell the roses’ or in this case, take time to ‘pull off the road and take a hike’ - you never know what you’ll discover!

Yelapa Upper Waterfalls

YELAPA, Jalisco, Mexico - Located in the southernmost part of Bandaras Bay, Yelapa is a small village accessible by boat. We visited the quaint village last year, enjoying the afternoon hiking a few minutes to the waterfall located right behind the village and enjoying a lovely meal at a wonderful restaurant, Café Bahia, in front of the village pier.

This year, our goal was to hike out to the waterfalls located about 1.5 hours trekking distance inland along side the Tuito River from Yelapa. Not much information was found on the web however I did find a handdrawn map (Mapa Jeff Cartography) that was extremely helpful. I studied this map in great detail before heading out on the hike - I later found the map available for purchase at Café Bahia at the entrance to Yelapa.  Jeff’s instructions to reach the ‘Upper Casadas’ are quick easy to follow - Hike river trail an hour or so from beach. Cross river after Christina’s, then cross again shortly. Climb up gullies, look for gate on left. After gate, veer right, 10 more minutes.

We boarded the local Puerto Vallarta bus headed to Boca de Tomatlan on the corner of Basilio Badillo and Constitución. I love the local bus rides and in no time we arrived at the end of the bus route at Boca. We were dropped off at the edge of the highway at the entrance to Boca de Tomatlan - we descended down the many steps to the village below and were greeted by someone selling round-trip tickets on the water taxi bound for Yelapa.

In no time, we were headed down the coast to Yelapa aboard the water taxi along side boats headed south filled with groceries and gasoline for the residents/businesses in Yelapa. As we entered the small bay at Yelapa, the water taxi headed to the beach and dropped off several people there. (That’s right, hop off the edge of the boat into the knee-deep water). We indicated to the driver we’d like to be dropped off at the village pier. A minute later, we were exiting the boat (with dry feet!) and headed into Yelapa village to begin our adventure hike to the Yelapa’s Upper Casadas.

Yelapa Upper Falls_IMG_0462.jpg

We headed through the village sticking to the path along the edge of the river along narrow cobble-stone streets filled with locals and tourists alike. Here’s a quick view looking over the village pier before heading along the path along side the Tuito River that separates the village and the beach businesses.


Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01650.jpg

And we’re off! Eventually the cobblestone paths end and the dirt trails begin. We pass several homes and a few businesses along the way as we keep trekking further inland.

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01571.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01572.jpg

Occasionally the river appears next to the trail - we know we’re on the right path!

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01575.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01574.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01576.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01577.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01579.jpg

When hiking, we kept on the main trail that followed the Tuito river nearby. At one point a small tour group of people on horses passed us indicating that they were returning to Yelapa from the waterfall. Moments later, a young couple passed us headed to the falls so we knew we were on the right trail! We tried to keep up with the couple but in no time, they scurried ahead and disappeared around the corner and out of sight. No worries - just stick to the main trail!

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01582.jpg

Ahh, time to cross Tuito River for the first time on this hike. River levels were low (this was January 2015) so at its deepest, it was only about one foot deep. Easy to cross. Then a quick hike along the dirt trail until the river appeared once again. Second crossing no problem either - again, the river level was quite shallow.

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01583.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01584.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01585.jpg

A closer look at Tuito River and the path beyond to the waterfalls.

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01586.jpg

At the second crossing and looking back - to the left down the river

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01587.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01588.jpg

and to the right up the river

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01589.jpg

Not too far from the waterfalls now. Caught up with a few more horses and riders along the trail.

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01590.jpg

After crossing the river for the second time, we hiked for another ten minutes and came across this corn field to our left. A very short distance further we found the ‘hole in the fence’ spot. As we neared here, we heard a lot of ‘chatter’ in the trees from birds (more on that later).

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01636.jpg 

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01591.jpg

If a person didn’t know, you could easily miss the faded writing on this wooded fence indicating the way to the waterfall and walk right past it thinking it’s just a fence. I had seen another blogger’s photos and immediately recognized it as the entrance to the waterfalls. Yup, climb on through!

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01592.jpg

Stay to the right of this path and follow it through the trees for approximately 15 minutes for your first view of the waterfalls. Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01593.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01595.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01596.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01597.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01598.jpg

Ahhh, the horses that we saw along the trail are tied up here. Likely the riders are at the falls.

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01599.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01600.jpg

Our first view of the waterfall in the distance.

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01603.jpg

Let’s get a closer look - up and over some huge boulders.

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01604.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01605.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01606.jpg

Ahhh…… what a great view and the perfect spot for lunch which we had packed along.  Now I did read about a place along the trail that sells grilled chicken and we did pass it and the chicken on the hot grill sure looked and smelled great. Perhaps, next time we’ll plan on stopping to pick up some grilled chicken along the trail to enjoy at this gorgeous spot.

Yelapa Upper Falls__DSC01612.jpg

We did speak to a few people who were making their way back up from the waterfalls who said it was somewhat tricky to make your way down to the waters edge - required maneuvering over some larger boulders etc. and seeing we hadn’t brought along our swimwear, we decided to just hang out on the rocky outcrop just down the stream from the falls. A gorgeous view, in my estimation. Perhaps next time we’ll make it down just below the falls!

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01613.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls___DSC01615.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01618.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01621.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01630.jpg

But alas, we can’t stay here forever as we need to get back to Yelapa before the last water taxi leaves back for Boca de Tomatlan! So back we go - but what an enjoyable hike thus far!

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01634.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01635.jpg

So we climbed through the ‘hole in the fence’ and headed back down towards Yelapa. Remember the birds I mentioned earlier at this spot?  Again, the chatter was very loud and suddenly we realized we were surrounded by pairs of very colourful birds - I believe they were large parrots!

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01636.jpg

It was hard to capture the birds but here’s a zoom-in on the birds albeit poor quality!

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01637.jpg

After observing these beautiful birds, we needed to pick up our heels and head back to Yelapa. Retracing our steps back, we get an entirely different view from the trail!

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01643.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01644.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01645.jpg

Nearing Yelapa village.

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01646.jpg

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01648.jpg

And in just a few minutes, we’ve got to be down there catching the water taxi back. No time to stop and smell the roses! We’ll return again to Yelapa and will hike out to the ‘upper cascadas’!

Yelapa Upper Falls_DSC01651.jpg

Thanks Yelapa - we had a wonderful time and will return to visit you again!

Vallarta Food Tours - Taste of Pitillal

A year ago we took the Downtown Vallarta Food Tour with Vallarta Food Tours and thoroughly enjoyed it. So this year, we knew we wanted to check out their Taste of Pitillal Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour 
We took the local bus (noted by Pitillal posted in the front windshield) which passes by the main square of Pitillal where we jumped off to start our tour. Pitillal (pee-tee-yall) is a suburban neighbouthood located east of downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Street view in Pitillal.El Pitillal_DSC01106.jpgGetting there a few minutes early, we ventured across the street from the main square to the San Miguel Archangel Catholic Church. Inside and high above the alter,  you will find a huge sculpture of Jesus (over 8 metres in height)  at the front, said to be carved out of one piece of wood.El Pitillal_DSC01085.jpg



El Pitillal_DSC01124.jpg
Our first stop on the Taste of Pitillal tour is Taco’s Neto (Est. 1987) located on Juarez #219-D. We arrived to a packed restaurant - obviously a popular place in Col. Centro Pitillal and we enjoyed the slow-cooked pork (carnitas). Extremely flavourful. (A few weeks later, we returned to Pitillal to enjoy the carnitas here once again).Taco's Neto_DSC01088.jpg

Taco's Neto_DSC01090.jpg

Taco's Neto_DSC01089.jpgNext on the tour we stopped by the ‘churro’ stand - the owner turns out delectable churros - fried crispy and rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Always room for a churro (or three!).El Pitillal_DSC01100.jpg

El Pitillal_DSC01101.jpg

El Pitillal_DSC01102.jpgNext stop was Pichis (Est. 1993) - a mexican seafood restaurant located on Emilano Zapata #262, Col. Centro Pitillal. These seafood tostadas were extremely fresh and delicious. Tasted as good as they looked!Pitillal_DSC01111.jpgTaking in a few of the sights around Pitillal - this truck load of pineapples absolutely looked delicious!Pitillal_DSC01113.jpgWe step into a store filled with everything but the kitchen sink, or so it seemed. Herbs, spices, groceries, etc. Very interesting - some items sold in the package while others sold by weight. Our tour guide, Alex, reminded us of what cocoa beans look like.El Pitillal_DSC01095.jpg

El Pitillal_DSC01096.jpg

El Pitillal_DSC01098.jpg

El Pitillal_DSC01099.jpg

 El Pitillal_DSC01094.jpg
Further down the street we check out a saddlery and are given a first-hand look at how much work goes into these hand-made saddles. Intricate needle-work indeed. Fascinating to learn that there are places still hand-making saddles - what a craft and what a talent!Pitillal_DSC01117.jpg

Pitillal DSC01115.jpg

Pitillal DSC01114.jpgOn our way to our next stop on the tour, we stop for a moment to watch a woman prepare cactus leaves.Pitillal DSC01107.jpg

Pitillal DSC01108.jpgOur next stop was No Name Tacos on the corner of Guerrero and Independencia #140. Incredibly tasty and extremely tender  carne asada tacos (grilled/roasted beef).Pitillal DSC01120.jpg

Pitillal DSC01121.jpgNext on the tour is a stop at Robles - a Mexican restaurant at Hidalgo #198. We chose a table in the outdoor seating area and enjoyed a delicious bowl of their birria (slow-cooked meat stew, usually goat). Rich flavours.Pitillal_DSC01129.jpg

Pitillal_DSC01127.jpgThe produce available in Pitillal is plentiful - we stepped into this store for a few minutes while on the way to our next stop. Beautifully displayed and so many choices.Pitillal_DSC01130.jpg


Pitillal_DSC01133.jpgI enjoy stopping at the fruit/veggie vendors while in Mexico and so I was glad we would be stopping here to enjoy a taste of fresh fruit - here at Ernesto’s Fruit Stand - drop by Ernesto’s at Abasolo #188. Choose any fruit or vegetable or a mix of some topped off with the juice of a freshly squeezed lime and tajin, a mexican spice mix.Pitillal_DSC01138.jpg

Pitillal_DSC01135.jpgA short stop at La Tia Anita’s for fresh tamales and a cup of warm atole (a traditional hot corn and masa based mexican beverage - here our atole was strawberry flavoured). We had an exclusive seating at La Tia Anita’s as they are only open for dinners on the weekends.The tamales had very tasty poblano peppers and cheese inside which I found incredibly delicious.Pitillal_DSC01142.jpgA fantastic way to end our food tour was a stop at the Villasenor Paleteria (Est.1951) - an ice fruit popsicles parlor. The paleteria is located at Emilano Zapata #195, Col. Centro Pitillal. I tried several flavours and really enjoyed the tamarind flavour!Pitillal_DSC01145.jpg

Pitillal_DSC01144.jpgAfter this three and a half hour food tour with Vallarta Food Tours, I knew we’d be back to visit Pitillal again. And we did! More tacos at Neto’s, a stop at a hardware store to pick up a tortilla maker and finally, a stop at a fruit/veggie stand for a bag of crunchy jicama with freshly squeezed lime! Yum!

YEG to PVR - From -27C to +27C in 5 Hours

Everyone needs a break sometimes and I definitely like to take a break from the cold. From -27C (with a windchill of -37C) to a balmy +27C in less than 5 hours - I’m in!  

YEG to PVR - 6 weeks - lots to see and do! Over the next while, I hope to share with you some of the photos and stories of our time in the Puerto Vallarta region of Mexico. It’s always a window seat for me!
EIA_YEG IMG_2553.jpg

Vacation MX_IMG_2558.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2560.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2563.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2564.jpg 
Leaving the snow behind.Vacation MX IMG_2565.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2568.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2569.jpgNow that’s interesting down there!Vacation MX IMG_2571.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2572.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2575.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2580.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2581.jpg
Almost there!Vacation MX IMG_2585.jpgFlying over Mazatlan and heading south along the coast towards Puerto Vallarta.Vacation MX IMG_2586.jpg
Passing by Rincon de Guayabitos and heading inland - just a few more minutes before we land!Vacation MX IMG_2595.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2596.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2603.jpgAnd here we are!Vacation MX IMG_0885.jpgLooking forward to some sand between my toes!

Hiking Patricia Ravine, Edmonton, AB

Patricia Ravine, Edmonton, AB - I’m finding hundreds of trails around my city to hike - most, of which, you’d never know you’re even in a city! Like this great hiking trail in the Patricia Ravine in W-SW Edmonton.

We began our hike by finding a small parking lot next to the North Saskatchewan River at the end of Whitemud Road - take Riverbend Road to 58th Avenue. Head west on 58th Ave until it turns into Whitemud Road - follow to the end to a very small turn-around with a few parking stalls. (Arrive early to get a spot!).

Then head back up Whitemud Road a short distance until you reach a walking path on your right that leads between some homes that takes you up to and over the Fort Edmonton footbridge heading west over the North Saskatchewan river. 

Patricia Ravine Map_IMG_2228.jpg 

A great view of the North Saskatchewan river from the Fort Edmonton foot bridge - a massive walking bridge over the river with great viewing opportunities of the surrounding areas. Walk over the bridge and turn right along the path next to the river’s edge. Now the hiking begins. And oh, did I tell you, there’s ‘some’ stairs to climb!

N Sask River Edm_DSC07921.jpg

A view of those stairs!  It seems to draw alot of people wishing to do stairs as part of their daily exercise. Today was no different! They’re wide enough that the fitness enthusiasts can easily pass you as they go up and down…and up and down…and up and down!

Patricia Ravine_DSC07922.jpg

Only a few flights up and an opportunity to check out the scenery (ok, I’ll be honest - it was to take a breather!!). I had an excuse - I was still recuperating from a hip replacement!
Patricia Ravine DSC07923.jpg

Patricia Ravine_DSC07924.jpg

With trails like this, you’d never know you’re in the middle of a city just a few blocks away.

Patricia Ravine_DSC07927.jpg

Gorgeous side trails leading up to the various neighbourhoods - like Wolf Willow here.

Patricia Ravine_DSC07929.jpg

Patricia Ravine_DSC07930.jpg

Just a few birds chirping in the trees and the odd squirrel scurrying across the path (and the odd hiker/walker). I’m loving this path.
Patricia Ravine_DSC07931.jpg

Beautiful trails and trees.

Patricia Ravine_DSC07934.jpg 

Another side path up into the Wolf Willow neighbourhood.

Patricia Ravine_DSC07936.jpg

Let’s give it a try - all is good!

Patricia Ravine_C07941.jpg

Patricia Ravine_DSC07946.jpg

As much as I don’t like graffiti in most places, this posting sums up the feeling down here on this path!

Patricia Ravine_DSC07948.jpg

Patricia Ravine_DSC07950.jpg

And returning on the path - a different perspective - from the top of the long series of stairs leading back down to the North Saskatchewan River with the Fort Edmonton footbridge in the distance.

Patricia Ravine_DSC07960.jpg

What a nice surprise to find this lovely walking path right in the middle of Edmonton!

Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area, Alberta

Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area, Alberta - a short drive west of Edmonton (32 km and 22 minutes from Anthony Henday/Hwy 16 (TransCanada Hwy) you will find Chickakoo Lake located in Parkland County. This 480 acre park has over 14 km of fantastic hiking trails (and biking, x-country ski and equestrian trails) and what better way to test out my new hip than to set out to do some hiking!

Easy to find - head out on Highway 16 West from Edmonton and turn north on Highway 779. A short drive north until you reach Township Road 534 - turn west (left) here and follow the signs to the park. Since I somehow missed one sign, look for Range Road 13 on your right, turn here and follow up to Range Road 235. Take a right here and just a short distance, you’ll come to the entrance of Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area. There are several parking areas once you reach the park - the first parking lot immediately to your left is closest to Chichakoo Lake where you can offload your canoe or kayak. Continue past that parking area and you’ll reach this sign and a large parking lot. Both parking areas have toilets should you need them. Chickakoo2014_DSC07920.jpgWe didn’t have our kayaks today so we proceeded to the larger parking lot and planned out our hike for the day. We began our hike along path #1 along the edge of Chickakoo Lake. (I often take a photo of the map with my phone so I’m able to easily refer to it along the trail, if needed.)2014_ChickakooTrailMap.jpgSeveral fishermen were lined up along the edges of the lake which gets stocked each year - I’m not sure what fish were stocked this year but last year it was mountain whitefish and previous years it was either brook trout or rainbow trout.  This is a quiet lake to take one’s kayak out to enjoy the sound of birds or watch the fish jumping!Chickakoo Lake_DSC07838.jpgThe many kilometers of trails are very scenic and enjoyable to hike along - every so often one catches a glimpse of Chickakoo Lake on the left.Indian Ridge at Chickakoo_DSC07839.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07840.jpgLoads of wild raspberries to be found along the trails edge this long August weekend! Also found along the paths were a large variety of mushrooms, wild flowers, shrubs with berries and interesting foilage.Raspberries at Chickakoo_DSC07846.jpg

Mushroom at Chickakoo_DSC07842.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07853.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07855.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07861.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07862.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07863.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07864.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07865.jpgThe trails meander through the 480 acre area with a different view around every corner or over every hill. Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area offers the hiker a variety of elevations - you won’t get bored!Chickakoo_DSC07843.jpg

Chickakoo_DSC07844.jpgMore interesting foilage, berries and flowers to be seen. And gorgeous ferns covering the forest floor in areas.Chickakoo Lake_DSC07857.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07858.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07852.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07860.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07879.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07885.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07886.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07889.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07892.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07893.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07897.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07906.jpgIt was earlier in the morning so we hadn’t come across many hikers - just peaceful bliss with the sound of chattering birds and the rustling of leaves.Chickakoo Lake_DSC07869.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07872.jpgAnd yes, the new hip was working fine - what a difference it’s making - hiking is once more enjoyable!Chickakoo Lake Hike_DSC07875.jpgA small lake where Nature’s Way (#2) meets up with Cranberry Corner (#4).Chickakoo Lake_DSC07881.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07887.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07890.jpgThe hiking trail along the edge of Kettle Lake was gorgeous as the trees form a canopy over the trail.Chickakoo Lake_DSC07895.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07896.jpgA large and interesting plant seen along the edge of Dog Leg Pond.Chickakoo Lake_DSC07903.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07899.jpgWe met up with more hikers in this area - mid afternoon and people are enjoying the fantastic weather and great hiking here at Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area.Chickakoo Lake Hike_DSC07910.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07912.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07915.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07918.jpgThe nice thing about Chickakoo Lake is that you can choose to come out for a short hike or take in as many of the trails as you can fit into your schedule.

All in all, it was a great way to spend part of our day - hiking just a short drive from Edmonton.

New hip replacement - must walk and walk and walk!

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - It’s been a long time since I last posted! In May, I went for surgery to get a total hip replacement and so for the last three months+ I’ve been going through the healing and strengthening process of my new hip. It’s been a ‘stay-recuperation’ time and part of that process is weeks of physio and lots of walking. Which I love to do!

So over the next while, I hope to share some photos of the wonderful walking and hiking trails I discovered ‘right in my back yard’ in/around Edmonton, Alberta. Then back to more travels and blogging!

                                      Patricia Ravine Edm_DSC07941.jpg
Making sure my new hip works! Above photo taken along a walking trail in Patricia Ravine. A map of trails in west Edmonton found here.

One of the best things in Edmonton, Alberta is the river valley! A great link for 160 km+ of mapped out trails in the Edmonton area can be found here.

Breakfast in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta - I had good intentions of making breakfasts at our condo rental while staying in Puerto Vallarta but having not yet made it to a grocery store or market, we needed to head out for breakfast our first morning in town. We went early and avoided the line-ups that occasionally occur outside of Fredy’s Tucan. This is a popular place for tourists with an extensive menu offering Mexican and American dishes.
Fredy's Tucan in PV_C05007.jpg
After breakfast,we walked north along the Malecón until we reached the grocery store, Ley Market (about 4 blocks north of the northern end of the Malecón and Hotel Rosita). Here we loaded up on groceries with good intentions of cooking at our rental.
The next day, I woke up and cooked a breakfast that I often eat back home - cooked oats with strawberries and cinnamon. Sitting out on the balcony just steps away from the Malecón enjoying a healthy breakfast - it lasted about a week. Don’t get me wrong - we enjoyed making our breakfasts but we were also enticed by the many wonderful breakfast places that PV has to offer! 
Breakfast in PV_C05126.jpgFriends staying in Zona Romantica (south side) invited us to join them at Salud Super Food and we loved this place. Great breakfast menu options. Salud offers seating indoors but we usually arrived early to get outdoor seating in their patio. What a great way to start your morning! Salud_IMG_1899.jpg


Salud_IMG_1897.jpgSalud offers great selections of smoothies - my favourite was the Bahía de Banderas - a flavourful smoothie made with pineapple, mango, banana, coconut water and soy milk.Salud_IMG_1896.jpgBesides enjoying the breakfast croissant options available, I also enjoyed the large (huge) serving of oatmeal with choice of milk and topped with brown sugar, bananas and organic blueberries.Salud_IMG_1070.jpgSalud is also a great place for lunch - great burgers, sandwiches and quinoa super bowls. Salud_IMG_1895.jpg

My favourite Salud Super Bowl was definitely the Thai bowl - a stir fry of grilled vegetables, herb salad and grilled chicken with a spicy peanut sauce topped with roasted peanuts over quinoa. A mouthful of flavours!Salud_IMG_0961.jpgWhat can I say about Dee’s Coffee?  A wonderful coffee shop in the South Side neighbourhood. A great place to meet regulars who stop by for their morning coffee or pastry. Although, since we last visited in December 2013,, Dee’s has closed due to high rental increases and so we hope to hear that Dee’s will relocate. (May 2014 - UPDATE - I’ve read that Dee’s is relocating to new place on Pier Street (Fca. Rodriguez - just up the street from the new pier). Dee's in PV_IMG_1961.jpg
My favorite at Dee’s?  Chai and fresh cinnamon buns hot out of the oven! Life is good! Here’s hoping that Dee’s will reopen at the  new location soon.Dee's in PV_IMG_1956.jpgAnother great place for breakfast is Dianita’s located on Francisco Madero #243 in the South Side. It was a suggestion that a Trip Advisor poster gave me and I wasn’t disappointed! I tried the Chilaquiles Verdes - absolutely delicious. A great family-run restaurant. Great service, tasty food at great prices!Dianita in PV_IMG_C05124.jpg

Dianita's in PV_IMG_1846.jpg

Dianita's in PV_IMG_1847.jpg

Dianita's in PV_C05122.jpgA side order of papaya at Dianita’s is, by no means, a small serving!Dianita's in PV_C05121.jpgWe celebrated my birthday breakfast with a friend on the rooftop deck of our rental condo catered by Vitea (an excellent restaurant located right on the Malecón at Libertad 2 y Malecón, Centro.

Delicious breakfast offerings were the Huevos Florentine - poached eggs served over sautéed spinach and smoked salmon served on English muffins with hollandaise sauce.Vitea_C06662.jpgAnd how about the very tasty Vanilla and Cinnamon Brioche French Toast - Vitea style.Vitea_C06657.jpgA wonderful fresh tropical fruit platter to share.Vitea_C06659.jpgAnd because I love chilaquiles - Vitea’s version - scrambled eggs with tortillas chips, chicken, onion and tomato and covered with ranchero sauce. Delicious. Vitea_C06661.jpg

Puerto Vallarta offers hundreds of restaurant choices for breakfast - and don’t forget the many local food stands that offer tasty options as well.


Welcome to my travel photo blog. Photography has been a part of my life for a long time – back in the day the Pentax Super Program was always near at hand. But it wasn’t until I started travelling around the world that photography became a vehicle for me to show others about the absolutely amazing and complex world we live in. My hope is to share with you glimpses of what I’ve seen. Enjoy!