Day 32 - New Year's Eve in Puerto Vallarta

December 31, 2013 – nothing stops a party in Puerto Vallarta, not even rain!  The evening began with a delicious late night dinner at the lovely La Cigale, a great French bistro in our neighbourhood in El Centro followed by colourful fireworks on the Malecon. After midnight, the party continued on at the lively dance party on Olas Altas street down in Zona Romantica. Rain did not deter the partiers from dancing in the warm rain and splashing in the puddles on the cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta.

Feliz Año!

My apologies for the not-so-clear photos – a rain-drenched camera lens in a very crowded spot along the PV malecon.PV 2014 NY Collage.jpg

Day 31 - San Blas and La Tovara, Nayarit, Mexico

Finally the day arrived that we would travel north along the coast to San Blas and La Tovara in the state of Nayarit (Mexico). I had seen some beautiful photos of the ruins of the fort and church on the hill overlooking San Blas as well as photos of many birds and crocodiles seen along the edges of La Tovara estuary and mangrove swamps which I hoped to visit some day.

More to come in future posts on the colonial history of San Blas and nature at La Tovara.

A smaller crocodile clinging to a tree root - a quick eye in the boat spots this one.
Crocodile La Tovara_IMG_0977.jpg

Day 30 - The Charming Town of El Tuito, Mexico

I have wanted to visit the town of El Tuito for some time now and today we decided to take the public bus there (27 pesos one way). Enjoying the winding road through jungle and later through higher elevations with pines is a wonderful way to spend the hour it takes getting there. This entire town is quite colourful and especially the main square where we found El Patio de Mario - a wonderful restaurant with a beautiful garden setting or outdoors facing the town square, very tasty food and wonderful service.

Much more on El Tuito and all it’s charms in a future post.  For now, a look at the colourful entrance to El Patio de Mario located on the square.El Patio de Mario_IMG_0719.jpg

Day 29 - High Flyers on the Malecon

There is never a dull moment along the Malecon (boardwalk) of Puerto Vallarta. It was my lucky day today - finally saw the Voladores de Papantla (Papantla Flyers) performing their show which is filled with symbolism. More in a future post on this.

These ‘bird men’, as they’re also known as, perform by slowly twirling downwards from a tall pole secured only by a rope around their waist as they slowly circle the pole and gently fall to the earth below.Papantla Flyers C06469.jpg

Day 28 - Big Ribs at El Rio BBQ

Needed a break from traditional mexican fare and had heard about the gi-normous ribs served at El Rio BBQ in nearby Paso Ancho, a small village just a few kms away from Puerto Vallarta. Kind host and great service. Live music the day we visited.

The public bus R-04 that we took to get there is half the fun!!  We sat in the very back of the bus to get the ‘full experience’ of the mexican cobblestone streets and dirt roads as it wound it’s way to Paso Ancho. Hold on tight!!

If you love ribs, this is the place to visit. Half rack for two people is plenty as these tasty ribs are gigantuan! Added a jicama/watermelon salad along with a cold limonada - couldn’t even consider dessert.
El Rio BBQ_DSC06438.jpg

Day 27 - strolling in Old Town, Puerto Vallarta

While strolling through Old Town Puerto Vallarta, we passed by the market on Lazaro Cardenas (about eight blocks up from the Malecon) and continued past towards the RIo Cuale. Just as we were reaching the bridge that crosses the river, we came across the most adorable alley with this coloured home. Just had to take a peek. Loved it!

Puerto Vallarta_C06410.jpg

Day 26 - Feliz Navidad

Out for a stroll and found this message on the beach!  I love Christmas with hot sun in the sky and sand beneath my feet!
Feliz Navidad!PVBeach_C06299.jpg

Day 25 - Christmas Eve in PV

December 24th draws to a close in Puerto Vallarta. The crowds thin out along the Malecon (the boardwalk) as many of the locals and PV regulars go home to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. 

Another lovely sunset in PV as we set out along the Malecon to find a restaurant that’s still open for dinner. PV_IMG_1085.jpg

Day 24 - Conchas Chinas Beach Walk

Needed a day away from town and just listen to nothing but the waves crashing in the rocks so decided to walk along the south end of Los Muertos beach, up and over the rocks along the shore and continued south to Lindo Mar’s La Playita for lunch. Glancing over my shoulder on occasion, the  Conchas Chinas neighbourhood towers above the rocks and trees.

The walk is lovely - secluded beaches, up and down stairs and pathways, scrambling over and around rocks. Birds, schools of fish, crabs, sea urchins, barnacles - all kinds of neat things to see while out and about today. Conchas Chinas_C06262.jpg

Day 23 - Beautiful Butterfly Sunday

Just out and about on a Sunday morning walk around the neighbourhood and we spotted numerous butterflies around the flowering bougainvillea. I’m not exactly sure what kind of butterfly this may be but I’m guessing it’s the Dryas lulia (known as the Julia Heliconian or the Flame). 

We found this beautiful orange butterfly just outside The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Puerto Vallarta. PV Butterfly_C06147.jpg


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