Day 42 - Muchas gracias, Mexico!

Muchos gracias and adiós Mexico* - it’s been a lovely time seeing you again after twenty-five years! So very much has changed but the wonderful people of Mexico and their warm hospitality remains! Muchas gracias!

We’ve had the opportunity to see and experience so much in the last 42 days -  Puerto Vallarta and many of its wonderful neighbourhoods, Nuevo Vallarta, the Marina district and to the north - Bucerias, La Cruz De Huanacaxtle, Sayulita, and further north to San Blas and La Tovara. To the south we visited Mismaloya, Boca de Tomatlan and Yelapa. Further south and inland to the Vallarta Botanical Gardens and beyond to El Tuito. Inland to the east we visited Guadalajara for a few days. Out into the Bay of Banderas, we sailed to the Marietas Islands and thoroughly enjoyed whale watching. To Marion in PV and to Lisa in Bucerias, thanks so much for fantastic accommodations - it was great to come ‘home’ each evening after a fantastic day of exploring and experiencing Mexico! A big thank you to Astrid at Superior Tours (San Blas/ La Tovara and Guadalajara), Eric’s assistance at Pegaso Chartering (Whale Watching and Marietas Islands) and Sylvie with Power Walk the Hidden Streets of Vallarta -  definite highlights of our visit!

So thank you - muchas gracias Mexico - it’s been a great time! I promise we won’t wait so long to return!

*More posts to come with more photos of our wonderful visit to west coast Mexico!
Adios Bucerias.jpg

Day 41 - Dawn in Bucerias

Over the past week, we’ve been enjoying our time walking on the beach early in the morning as the sun rises in Bucerias, Mexico. Many people walk along the beach at this hour for exercise because the sun is not yet too hot. Others are scouring the shores for colourful stones and sea glass for their art projects to sell at the local markets. This is also the time you’ll see some of the local fishermen casting their fish nets into the waters. 

Here as we walk, we see Bucerias on the left and Nuevo Vallarta in the distance with the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico in the far distance.Bucerias Beach_C07176.jpg

Day 40 - Bucerias makes me smile!

How shall I describe Bucerias, Mexico?  Quaint, artsy, eclectic, relaxing, bohemian, easy going, charming, foodie heaven ……….. it makes me smile!

There is no shortage of restaurants in this town with a wide range to suit everyone’s tastes- from the simple to the gourmet. We often walk along Lázaro Cárdenas St which is home to many eating establishments along with shops and galleries.

This sign outside one of the local restaurants, Chin-Gon Asian Flavors, gave me my morning chuckle!Bucerias Restaurant_C07147.jpg

Day 39 - The Beach at Bucerias, Mexico

What a great way to start one’s morning - taking a long walk on the beach (Bay of Banderas) before heading back into town for a great breakfast.

The uncrowded beach which runs the entire length of Bucerias and beyond has a gentle surf and is very easy to walk along.Bucerias Beach_C07102.jpg

Day 38 - Bay of Banderas Whale Watching

We had another opportunity to go out with Pegaso Chartering - this time a full day out on the waters of Bay of Banderas to whale watch while on our way to Marietas Islands.

While we thought the whales came up close to our sailboat, it wasn’t quite as close for me as this encounter for this photographer and a humpback whale. Never the less, we were able to see a great many whales up close and I was happy to capture this photo to give some perspective to the size and closeness of the whales in the Bay!Whale Watching_IMG_2443.jpg

Day 37 - Sunday in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

We were offered a ride to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (locally known as La Cruz), a small fishing village just up from Bucerias, Nayarit and just over a half hour away from Puerto Vallarta. It’s Sunday and it’s the big Farmers Market at the Marina in La Cruz. Hundreds of vendors line the marina selling their wares - a variety of hand crafted items, organic produce, arts and crafts. Live music adds to the festival atmosphere. This weekly market draws crowds from around the region.

I caught a brief moment of tranquility in the marina away from the buzz of the crowded market and watched as a few pangas bumped gently together in the calm waters.La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Marina_C06915.jpg

Day 36 - Charming Bucerias

Located a mere half hour north of Puerto Vallarta is Bucerias, Nayarit - a small beach resort town.

The cobblestone streets and the variety of coloured walls covered in vines of many homes and businesses adds to the charm.Bucerias_C06866.jpg

Day 35 - Time to Sail Away

For the last 35 days and often numerous times a day, I’ve walked past these white sails located on the malecon just north of the Rio Cuale bridge between Zona Romantica and El Centro of Puerto Vallarta.

They provide shade from the sun, artistic elements, and an easy-to-spot meeting place for many.

I will pass by them one last time tomorrow morning as I bid farewell to Puerto Vallarta and ‘sail’ away to another place in the sun.PV malecon sails_IMG_2068.jpg

Day 34 - A Whale of a Day!

We had a fantastic day whale watching on the ISIS with Pegaso Chartering in the Bay of Banderas off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. Many whales to see. Gorgeous creatures! Excellent day!

More photos to come in future posts! Humpback Whale_IMG_1341.jpg

Day 33 - A wonderful start to the New Year!

Looking out over the Bay of Banderas, Mexico. What a beautiful and perfect way to end the first day of the New Year!PV Sunset_C06694.jpg


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