YEG to PVR - From -27C to +27C in 5 Hours

Everyone needs a break sometimes and I definitely like to take a break from the cold. From -27C (with a windchill of -37C) to a balmy +27C in less than 5 hours - I’m in!  

YEG to PVR - 6 weeks - lots to see and do! Over the next while, I hope to share with you some of the photos and stories of our time in the Puerto Vallarta region of Mexico. It’s always a window seat for me!
EIA_YEG IMG_2553.jpg

Vacation MX_IMG_2558.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2560.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2563.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2564.jpg 
Leaving the snow behind.Vacation MX IMG_2565.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2568.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2569.jpgNow that’s interesting down there!Vacation MX IMG_2571.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2572.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2575.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2580.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2581.jpg
Almost there!Vacation MX IMG_2585.jpgFlying over Mazatlan and heading south along the coast towards Puerto Vallarta.Vacation MX IMG_2586.jpg
Passing by Rincon de Guayabitos and heading inland - just a few more minutes before we land!Vacation MX IMG_2595.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2596.jpg

Vacation MX IMG_2603.jpgAnd here we are!Vacation MX IMG_0885.jpgLooking forward to some sand between my toes!

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