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A year ago we took the Downtown Vallarta Food Tour with Vallarta Food Tours and thoroughly enjoyed it. So this year, we knew we wanted to check out their Taste of Pitillal Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour 
We took the local bus (noted by Pitillal posted in the front windshield) which passes by the main square of Pitillal where we jumped off to start our tour. Pitillal (pee-tee-yall) is a suburban neighbouthood located east of downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Street view in Pitillal.El Pitillal_DSC01106.jpgGetting there a few minutes early, we ventured across the street from the main square to the San Miguel Archangel Catholic Church. Inside and high above the alter,  you will find a huge sculpture of Jesus (over 8 metres in height)  at the front, said to be carved out of one piece of wood.El Pitillal_DSC01085.jpg



El Pitillal_DSC01124.jpg
Our first stop on the Taste of Pitillal tour is Taco’s Neto (Est. 1987) located on Juarez #219-D. We arrived to a packed restaurant - obviously a popular place in Col. Centro Pitillal and we enjoyed the slow-cooked pork (carnitas). Extremely flavourful. (A few weeks later, we returned to Pitillal to enjoy the carnitas here once again).Taco's Neto_DSC01088.jpg

Taco's Neto_DSC01090.jpg

Taco's Neto_DSC01089.jpgNext on the tour we stopped by the ‘churro’ stand - the owner turns out delectable churros - fried crispy and rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Always room for a churro (or three!).El Pitillal_DSC01100.jpg

El Pitillal_DSC01101.jpg

El Pitillal_DSC01102.jpgNext stop was Pichis (Est. 1993) - a mexican seafood restaurant located on Emilano Zapata #262, Col. Centro Pitillal. These seafood tostadas were extremely fresh and delicious. Tasted as good as they looked!Pitillal_DSC01111.jpgTaking in a few of the sights around Pitillal - this truck load of pineapples absolutely looked delicious!Pitillal_DSC01113.jpgWe step into a store filled with everything but the kitchen sink, or so it seemed. Herbs, spices, groceries, etc. Very interesting - some items sold in the package while others sold by weight. Our tour guide, Alex, reminded us of what cocoa beans look like.El Pitillal_DSC01095.jpg

El Pitillal_DSC01096.jpg

El Pitillal_DSC01098.jpg

El Pitillal_DSC01099.jpg

 El Pitillal_DSC01094.jpg
Further down the street we check out a saddlery and are given a first-hand look at how much work goes into these hand-made saddles. Intricate needle-work indeed. Fascinating to learn that there are places still hand-making saddles - what a craft and what a talent!Pitillal_DSC01117.jpg

Pitillal DSC01115.jpg

Pitillal DSC01114.jpgOn our way to our next stop on the tour, we stop for a moment to watch a woman prepare cactus leaves.Pitillal DSC01107.jpg

Pitillal DSC01108.jpgOur next stop was No Name Tacos on the corner of Guerrero and Independencia #140. Incredibly tasty and extremely tender  carne asada tacos (grilled/roasted beef).Pitillal DSC01120.jpg

Pitillal DSC01121.jpgNext on the tour is a stop at Robles - a Mexican restaurant at Hidalgo #198. We chose a table in the outdoor seating area and enjoyed a delicious bowl of their birria (slow-cooked meat stew, usually goat). Rich flavours.Pitillal_DSC01129.jpg

Pitillal_DSC01127.jpgThe produce available in Pitillal is plentiful - we stepped into this store for a few minutes while on the way to our next stop. Beautifully displayed and so many choices.Pitillal_DSC01130.jpg


Pitillal_DSC01133.jpgI enjoy stopping at the fruit/veggie vendors while in Mexico and so I was glad we would be stopping here to enjoy a taste of fresh fruit - here at Ernesto’s Fruit Stand - drop by Ernesto’s at Abasolo #188. Choose any fruit or vegetable or a mix of some topped off with the juice of a freshly squeezed lime and tajin, a mexican spice mix.Pitillal_DSC01138.jpg

Pitillal_DSC01135.jpgA short stop at La Tia Anita’s for fresh tamales and a cup of warm atole (a traditional hot corn and masa based mexican beverage - here our atole was strawberry flavoured). We had an exclusive seating at La Tia Anita’s as they are only open for dinners on the weekends.The tamales had very tasty poblano peppers and cheese inside which I found incredibly delicious.Pitillal_DSC01142.jpgA fantastic way to end our food tour was a stop at the Villasenor Paleteria (Est.1951) - an ice fruit popsicles parlor. The paleteria is located at Emilano Zapata #195, Col. Centro Pitillal. I tried several flavours and really enjoyed the tamarind flavour!Pitillal_DSC01145.jpg

Pitillal_DSC01144.jpgAfter this three and a half hour food tour with Vallarta Food Tours, I knew we’d be back to visit Pitillal again. And we did! More tacos at Neto’s, a stop at a hardware store to pick up a tortilla maker and finally, a stop at a fruit/veggie stand for a bag of crunchy jicama with freshly squeezed lime! Yum!

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