Puerto Vallarta and 100 reasons why I love it!

100 photos taken in and around Puerto Vallarta. It’s a wonderful place filled with kind and friendly locals, delicious food, picturesque neighbourhoods with plenty to see and do. Oh yes, don’t forget about the amazing sunsets! I find myself returning to this comfortable, safe and peaceful place along Mexico’s Pacific coast.

PV Malecon_IMG_1826.jpg

The Beach_IMG_9487.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_9524.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_9527.jpg

Tacos Robles_Vallarta Food Tour_IMG_9480.jpg

Tortilleria %22La Gloria%22_IMG_9511.jpg

Tortilleria %22La Gloria%22 _IMG_9513.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_ IMG_9499.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_C04991.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_C05009.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_C05010.jpg

La Azteca Candy Store_IMG_9546.jpg


Puerto Vallarta IMG_9555.jpg

Rio Cuale Puerto Vallarta C04956.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Mural C04965.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_0888.jpg

El Centro PV_C04972.jpg


Puerto Vallarta_C05016.jpg

Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe IMG_0911.jpg

Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe C05039.jpg


PV_Ramiz Barquet_IMG_9685.jpg

PV_Hildago Mural.jpg

Dianita's in PV_C05122.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Lock C05120.jpg

Puerto Vallarta market C05119.jpg

Rio Cuale_C05117.jpg

Florios on Hildago_IMG_9688.jpg


Pipi's PV_IMG_9706.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Street IMG_9704.jpg

Tacos de Birria Alex PV_IMG_9714.jpg

El Arrayan PV_IMG_9721.jpg

El Arrayan PV_IMG_9719.jpg

Calle Miramar PV_IMG_9724.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9730.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Stairs_IMG_9740.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_C05139.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9779.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9788.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9801.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9805.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9834.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9839.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9841.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9846.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9848.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9852.jpg

PV Cobblestone IMG_9870.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Stairs IMG_9872.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_9875.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_9891.jpg

Los Cuatro Vientos Hotel_IMG_9892.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_9893.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_9898.jpg

Los Cuatro Vientos Hotel_IMG_9897.jpg

Los Cuatro Vientos Hotel_IMG_9899.jpg

Puerto Vallarta IMG_9912.jpg

Puerto Vallarta colours IMG_9917.jpg

Esquina de los Caprichos_IMG_9921.jpg

Esquina de los Caprichos_C05160.jpg

Puerto Vallarta colours IMG_9942.jpg

Puerto Vallarta door IMG_9945.jpg

Puerto Vallarta home IMG_9949.jpg

Puerto Vallarta blue tiles IMG_9950.jpg

Puerto Vallarta mural IMG_9957.jpg

Gringo Gulch_IMG_9960.jpg

Gringo Gulch_IMG_9962.jpg

Gringo Gulch_IMG_9970.jpg

Home in PV_IMG_9982.jpg

Casa del Arroyo_IMG_0006.jpg

Rio Cuale PV IMG_0020.jpg

Rio Cuale_IMG_0023.jpg

John Huston_IMG_0026.jpg

Rio Cuale Bridge_IMG_0031.jpg

Zona Romantica_IMG_0034.jpg

Zona Romantica_IMG_0039.jpg

PV Malecon_IMG_1894.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Mural IMG_1908.jpg

Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe_C05567.jpg

The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe_C05751.jpg

Puerto Vallarta view C05758.jpg

Hacienda San Angel_C05763.jpg

PV_Ramiz Barquet_C05765.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Window C05770.jpg

Puerto Vallarta C05772.jpg

Puerto Vallarta colours C05775.jpg

Puerto Vallarta street view C05779.jpg

Puerto Vallarta street C05782.jpg

Puerto Vallarta balcony C05784.jpg

Puerto Vallarta colours C05785.jpg

Los Muertos Beach_IMG C05788.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Church C05803.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Church C05810.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Home C05821.jpg

Puerto Vallarta colours C05823.jpg

Puerto Vallarta windows C05826.jpg

Puerto Vallarta window C05827.jpg

Watch for my next 100 reasons for loving Puerto Vallarta and area coming soon!

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