Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area, Alberta

Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area, Alberta - a short drive west of Edmonton (32 km and 22 minutes from Anthony Henday/Hwy 16 (TransCanada Hwy) you will find Chickakoo Lake located in Parkland County. This 480 acre park has over 14 km of fantastic hiking trails (and biking, x-country ski and equestrian trails) and what better way to test out my new hip than to set out to do some hiking!

Easy to find - head out on Highway 16 West from Edmonton and turn north on Highway 779. A short drive north until you reach Township Road 534 - turn west (left) here and follow the signs to the park. Since I somehow missed one sign, look for Range Road 13 on your right, turn here and follow up to Range Road 235. Take a right here and just a short distance, you’ll come to the entrance of Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area. There are several parking areas once you reach the park - the first parking lot immediately to your left is closest to Chichakoo Lake where you can offload your canoe or kayak. Continue past that parking area and you’ll reach this sign and a large parking lot. Both parking areas have toilets should you need them. Chickakoo2014_DSC07920.jpgWe didn’t have our kayaks today so we proceeded to the larger parking lot and planned out our hike for the day. We began our hike along path #1 along the edge of Chickakoo Lake. (I often take a photo of the map with my phone so I’m able to easily refer to it along the trail, if needed.)2014_ChickakooTrailMap.jpgSeveral fishermen were lined up along the edges of the lake which gets stocked each year - I’m not sure what fish were stocked this year but last year it was mountain whitefish and previous years it was either brook trout or rainbow trout.  This is a quiet lake to take one’s kayak out to enjoy the sound of birds or watch the fish jumping!Chickakoo Lake_DSC07838.jpgThe many kilometers of trails are very scenic and enjoyable to hike along - every so often one catches a glimpse of Chickakoo Lake on the left.Indian Ridge at Chickakoo_DSC07839.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07840.jpgLoads of wild raspberries to be found along the trails edge this long August weekend! Also found along the paths were a large variety of mushrooms, wild flowers, shrubs with berries and interesting foilage.Raspberries at Chickakoo_DSC07846.jpg

Mushroom at Chickakoo_DSC07842.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07853.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07855.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07861.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07862.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07863.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07864.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07865.jpgThe trails meander through the 480 acre area with a different view around every corner or over every hill. Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area offers the hiker a variety of elevations - you won’t get bored!Chickakoo_DSC07843.jpg

Chickakoo_DSC07844.jpgMore interesting foilage, berries and flowers to be seen. And gorgeous ferns covering the forest floor in areas.Chickakoo Lake_DSC07857.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07858.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07852.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07860.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07879.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07885.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07886.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07889.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07892.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07893.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07897.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07906.jpgIt was earlier in the morning so we hadn’t come across many hikers - just peaceful bliss with the sound of chattering birds and the rustling of leaves.Chickakoo Lake_DSC07869.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07872.jpgAnd yes, the new hip was working fine - what a difference it’s making - hiking is once more enjoyable!Chickakoo Lake Hike_DSC07875.jpgA small lake where Nature’s Way (#2) meets up with Cranberry Corner (#4).Chickakoo Lake_DSC07881.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07887.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07890.jpgThe hiking trail along the edge of Kettle Lake was gorgeous as the trees form a canopy over the trail.Chickakoo Lake_DSC07895.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07896.jpgA large and interesting plant seen along the edge of Dog Leg Pond.Chickakoo Lake_DSC07903.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07899.jpgWe met up with more hikers in this area - mid afternoon and people are enjoying the fantastic weather and great hiking here at Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area.Chickakoo Lake Hike_DSC07910.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07912.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07915.jpg

Chickakoo Lake_DSC07918.jpgThe nice thing about Chickakoo Lake is that you can choose to come out for a short hike or take in as many of the trails as you can fit into your schedule.

All in all, it was a great way to spend part of our day - hiking just a short drive from Edmonton.

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