Hiking Patricia Ravine, Edmonton, AB

Patricia Ravine, Edmonton, AB - I’m finding hundreds of trails around my city to hike - most, of which, you’d never know you’re even in a city! Like this great hiking trail in the Patricia Ravine in W-SW Edmonton.

We began our hike by finding a small parking lot next to the North Saskatchewan River at the end of Whitemud Road - take Riverbend Road to 58th Avenue. Head west on 58th Ave until it turns into Whitemud Road - follow to the end to a very small turn-around with a few parking stalls. (Arrive early to get a spot!).

Then head back up Whitemud Road a short distance until you reach a walking path on your right that leads between some homes that takes you up to and over the Fort Edmonton footbridge heading west over the North Saskatchewan river. 

Patricia Ravine Map_IMG_2228.jpg 

A great view of the North Saskatchewan river from the Fort Edmonton foot bridge - a massive walking bridge over the river with great viewing opportunities of the surrounding areas. Walk over the bridge and turn right along the path next to the river’s edge. Now the hiking begins. And oh, did I tell you, there’s ‘some’ stairs to climb!

N Sask River Edm_DSC07921.jpg

A view of those stairs!  It seems to draw alot of people wishing to do stairs as part of their daily exercise. Today was no different! They’re wide enough that the fitness enthusiasts can easily pass you as they go up and down…and up and down…and up and down!

Patricia Ravine_DSC07922.jpg

Only a few flights up and an opportunity to check out the scenery (ok, I’ll be honest - it was to take a breather!!). I had an excuse - I was still recuperating from a hip replacement!
Patricia Ravine DSC07923.jpg

Patricia Ravine_DSC07924.jpg

With trails like this, you’d never know you’re in the middle of a city just a few blocks away.

Patricia Ravine_DSC07927.jpg

Gorgeous side trails leading up to the various neighbourhoods - like Wolf Willow here.

Patricia Ravine_DSC07929.jpg

Patricia Ravine_DSC07930.jpg

Just a few birds chirping in the trees and the odd squirrel scurrying across the path (and the odd hiker/walker). I’m loving this path.
Patricia Ravine_DSC07931.jpg

Beautiful trails and trees.

Patricia Ravine_DSC07934.jpg 

Another side path up into the Wolf Willow neighbourhood.

Patricia Ravine_DSC07936.jpg

Let’s give it a try - all is good!

Patricia Ravine_C07941.jpg

Patricia Ravine_DSC07946.jpg

As much as I don’t like graffiti in most places, this posting sums up the feeling down here on this path!

Patricia Ravine_DSC07948.jpg

Patricia Ravine_DSC07950.jpg

And returning on the path - a different perspective - from the top of the long series of stairs leading back down to the North Saskatchewan River with the Fort Edmonton footbridge in the distance.

Patricia Ravine_DSC07960.jpg

What a nice surprise to find this lovely walking path right in the middle of Edmonton!

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