Breakfast in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta - I had good intentions of making breakfasts at our condo rental while staying in Puerto Vallarta but having not yet made it to a grocery store or market, we needed to head out for breakfast our first morning in town. We went early and avoided the line-ups that occasionally occur outside of Fredy’s Tucan. This is a popular place for tourists with an extensive menu offering Mexican and American dishes.
Fredy's Tucan in PV_C05007.jpg
After breakfast,we walked north along the Malecón until we reached the grocery store, Ley Market (about 4 blocks north of the northern end of the Malecón and Hotel Rosita). Here we loaded up on groceries with good intentions of cooking at our rental.
The next day, I woke up and cooked a breakfast that I often eat back home - cooked oats with strawberries and cinnamon. Sitting out on the balcony just steps away from the Malecón enjoying a healthy breakfast - it lasted about a week. Don’t get me wrong - we enjoyed making our breakfasts but we were also enticed by the many wonderful breakfast places that PV has to offer! 
Breakfast in PV_C05126.jpgFriends staying in Zona Romantica (south side) invited us to join them at Salud Super Food and we loved this place. Great breakfast menu options. Salud offers seating indoors but we usually arrived early to get outdoor seating in their patio. What a great way to start your morning! Salud_IMG_1899.jpg


Salud_IMG_1897.jpgSalud offers great selections of smoothies - my favourite was the Bahía de Banderas - a flavourful smoothie made with pineapple, mango, banana, coconut water and soy milk.Salud_IMG_1896.jpgBesides enjoying the breakfast croissant options available, I also enjoyed the large (huge) serving of oatmeal with choice of milk and topped with brown sugar, bananas and organic blueberries.Salud_IMG_1070.jpgSalud is also a great place for lunch - great burgers, sandwiches and quinoa super bowls. Salud_IMG_1895.jpg

My favourite Salud Super Bowl was definitely the Thai bowl - a stir fry of grilled vegetables, herb salad and grilled chicken with a spicy peanut sauce topped with roasted peanuts over quinoa. A mouthful of flavours!Salud_IMG_0961.jpgWhat can I say about Dee’s Coffee?  A wonderful coffee shop in the South Side neighbourhood. A great place to meet regulars who stop by for their morning coffee or pastry. Although, since we last visited in December 2013,, Dee’s has closed due to high rental increases and so we hope to hear that Dee’s will relocate. (May 2014 - UPDATE - I’ve read that Dee’s is relocating to new place on Pier Street (Fca. Rodriguez - just up the street from the new pier). Dee's in PV_IMG_1961.jpg
My favorite at Dee’s?  Chai and fresh cinnamon buns hot out of the oven! Life is good! Here’s hoping that Dee’s will reopen at the  new location soon.Dee's in PV_IMG_1956.jpgAnother great place for breakfast is Dianita’s located on Francisco Madero #243 in the South Side. It was a suggestion that a Trip Advisor poster gave me and I wasn’t disappointed! I tried the Chilaquiles Verdes - absolutely delicious. A great family-run restaurant. Great service, tasty food at great prices!Dianita in PV_IMG_C05124.jpg

Dianita's in PV_IMG_1846.jpg

Dianita's in PV_IMG_1847.jpg

Dianita's in PV_C05122.jpgA side order of papaya at Dianita’s is, by no means, a small serving!Dianita's in PV_C05121.jpgWe celebrated my birthday breakfast with a friend on the rooftop deck of our rental condo catered by Vitea (an excellent restaurant located right on the Malecón at Libertad 2 y Malecón, Centro.

Delicious breakfast offerings were the Huevos Florentine - poached eggs served over sautéed spinach and smoked salmon served on English muffins with hollandaise sauce.Vitea_C06662.jpgAnd how about the very tasty Vanilla and Cinnamon Brioche French Toast - Vitea style.Vitea_C06657.jpgA wonderful fresh tropical fruit platter to share.Vitea_C06659.jpgAnd because I love chilaquiles - Vitea’s version - scrambled eggs with tortillas chips, chicken, onion and tomato and covered with ranchero sauce. Delicious. Vitea_C06661.jpg

Puerto Vallarta offers hundreds of restaurant choices for breakfast - and don’t forget the many local food stands that offer tasty options as well.

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