Puerto Vallarta - Doors and Gates

Puerto Vallarta - I love taking photos of doors, gates, windows and balconies and their architectural elements the world over. Puerto Vallarta offers the photographer an endless selection of architectural elements. Here is a look at just a few of the many doors and gates I took photos of while visiting PV.

I would pass by this villa numereous times a week while walking on Basilio Badillo in Zona Romantica to some of my favourite eating spots! And there’s often a lovely family that sells fresh strawberries just outside this home on some afternoons and evenings.Puerto Vallarta_ IMG_9499.jpgA gorgeous wood door and beautiful window grates on this home on Iturbide in El Centro.Puerto Vallarta_C04991.jpg

Puerto Vallarta _4991.jpgA closer look at an intricately carved wood door in El Centro located along the Malecon.Puerto Vallarta_C05009.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_C05010.jpgNear the Nostalgia sculpture by Ramiz Barquet on the northern end of the Malecón is this beautifully carved wood door. It has exquisite detailing.Puerto Vallarta_IMG_0587.jpg

Puerto Vallarta_IMG_0589.jpgAs I continue to blog about Puerto Vallarta and the region around, I’ll be posting many more photos I’ve taken of interesting doors, gates, windows, and balconies.

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