Puerto Vallarta - What's in a street sign?

Puerto Vallarta - What’s in a street sign, you ask? Street signs are virtually at every street corner or intersection letting you know exactly where you are. But for me, they are more than just direction markers. Upon reflection, these signs bring back memories of my adventure/exploration of that particular region. It may be the atmosphere, the ambience, the wonderful smells of food cooking, the sounds of music drifting from the open windows………it’s more than just a street sign.

El Centro - this series of photographs remind me of the fantastic hike we went on with Sylvie (a PV local) - quaint cobblestone streets with picturesque homes and businesses in the hills of El Centro.

Calle Guadalupe Sanchez, home to Casa De La Torre, a luxury villa rental as well as Cafe des Artiste, one of PV’s upscale restaurants. Also many homes, neighbourhood stores and restaurants. Check out the colourful flags blowing in the breeze above the street near Pipi’s Restaurant while walking on Guad. Sanchez! Gives this street a festive feel!Guadalupe Sanchez IMG_9710.jpgCalle Corona runs east-west. I don’t quite understand the C.lll and the C.ll (next photo) but I suspect that is an indicator of which block you are on Corona.Corona IMG_9862.jpg

Corona_IMG_9871.jpgCalle Matamoros is home to Chez Elena and Hotel Cuatro Vientos and many homes. A very photographic street.Matamoros IMG_9873.jpgCalle Zaragoza is gorgeous - beautiful carved wooden doorways, ornate windows and balconies overflowing with brightly coloured bougainvillea - a photographer’s dream. The ‘love bridge‘ in Gringo Gulch is also located on Calle Zaragoza. Zaragoza IMG_C06141.jpgStreet signs in Puerto Vallarta South Side (aka Zona Romantica, Old Town)

Ah, Basilio Badillo - often mispronounced by many a tourist!!  Great memories here for me - the food!!  I <3 Joe Jack’s Fish Shack - can’t get enough of their fish tacos!  And Panchos Takos - again, well worth the wait for their El Pastor tacos! Other great food experiences on this ‘restaurant’ street as well!Basilio Badillo IMG_C06430.jpg

Pulpito was just around the corner from one of my favourite ‘breakfast’ spots - Salud Super Foods. I fondly remember their breakfast Cali Wrap and the Bahía de Banderas smoothie! We’d often meet friends for breakfast and then head down Pulpito Street to Amapas Street.
Pulpito IMG_C06824.jpgAmapas, the winding street parallel to the Bay of Banderas, on the very south end of Zona Romantica (the colonia also known as Emiliano Zapata). Homes and condos here appear to be perched on top of each other on the edge of steep hills.Amapas IMG_C06503.jpgAnd finally, Lázaro Cárdenas - I loved this street!  The man selling churros just outside the neighbourhood church on the corner of Lázaro Cárdenas and Aguacate (so tasty!). And Cenaduria Celia - a fantastic family-run restaurant with yummy pozole and the most delicious flan in PV!Lazaro Cardenas_IMG_9502.jpgStreet signs of PV invoke incredibly good memories of my time there!  They’re more than just street signs.

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