Vallarta Botanical Gardens Part 2

Vallarta Botanical Gardens, Mexico - there’s more to the Gardens than just looking at flowers. So lace up your hiking boots, pack a swimsuit, grab a bottle of water and head out on one of the trails that starts from the east side of the Hacienda de Oro and winds down to the Rio Los Horcones. An easy walk along the path and steps down to the river.Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9607.jpgAt the river’s edge, it’s clear that this isn’t the spot for swimming but it’s lovely, none the less. Fast flowing clear water. Lovely!Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9618.jpg

Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9612.jpg

Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9614.jpgMight this be the swimming spot? Crystal clear water.Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9622.jpg

Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9621.jpg

Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9624.jpgThe river was rather shallow the day we were there but if I had my swimsuit on, I may have considered a dip into the water here - in the Emerald Pools.Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9626.jpg

Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9627.jpgFrom the river’s edge the Jaguar Trail takes you through the jungle forest and eventually back up to the Hacienda de Oro. The sign indicates that this is an advanced trail with steep inclines/declines in certain sections. Proper footwear is necessary. Flipflops not recommended! Caution necessary but well worth the half-hour hike!Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9628.jpg

Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9630.jpgNumerous switchbacks are part of this advanced trail. Having a walking stick is a bonus!Vallarta Botanical Gardens_DSC05096.jpgTrees and shrubs are labelled throughout this walk. The tourist tree? Could it be called this because of its peeling bark like the skin of many sunburned tourists?!Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9639.jpg

Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9634.jpg

Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9636 copy.jpg

Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG_9632.jpgEventually we made it back to the Hacienda de Oro, checking out some of the manicured gardens on our way back to the exit to catch the public bus back to Puerto Vallarta.Vallarta Botanical Gardens_IMG 9647.jpgAlthough we were dropped off by the public bus right at the entrance of the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, to catch the bus back to Puerto Vallarta, one must cross the highway at that entrance and walk up the hill a short while along the edge of the highway to a rather interesting looking bus stop. A candle flickers next to the statue. A covered bus shelter - a welcomed sight on the day we visited the VBG.Bustop_Vallarta Botanical_DSC05114.jpg

More adventures to come!

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