Puerto Vallarta - Joe Jack's Fish Shack

Puerto Vallarta - I sometimes dream about fish tacos!  Mostly about Joe Jack’s FIsh Shack fish tacos!

At 212 Basilio Badillo in Zona Romantica, a 2-storey restaurant called Joe Jack’s Fish Shack serves lovely food. This casual and funky restaurant sports an open air patio on the second level which is my favourite place to dine while there. The walls are adorned in old movie posters.Joe Jacks Fish Shack_C06093.jpg

Joe Jacks FIsh Shack_C06091.jpg

Joe Jacks FIsh Shack_C06092.jpgDid I mention that the food is consistently fantastic! They serve fish - surprise - but there’s much more than just fish on the menu. I’ve heard that their burgers are a must-try (I’ve seen them as well but will need to return and have one to give you feedback on that).

My first meal at Joe Jack’s was the red snapper (which I devoured and failed to take any photos of!) Smothered in chiles and lime, this fish dish was incredibly delicious!

Joe Jack’s offers daily (12 noon - 5 pm)  2 for 1 mojitos - you have to try their ginger mojitos and their passionfruit mojitos which were also very good but because I love them so much I opted to switch to No-jitos (no alcohol) so I could enjoy more of the wonderful flavours. Admission - I’m quite sure I LOVE the no-jitos a lot!

A starter while waiting for the fish tacos - a great tasting guacamole with chips.Joe Jacks FIsh Shack_IMG_1076.jpg

Joe Jacks Fish Shack_IMG_1078.jpg
Ahh - the fish tacos. I tried them both ways - grilled or battered. And usually I wouldn’t like anything battered but these battered tacos are amazing. Love, love, love them!!
Joe Jacks Fish Shack_IMG_1077.jpgAnd as an extra bonus, we’d get these 50 peso discount coupons attached to our bill to be used on our next visit! Yay!Joe Jacks Fish Shack_IMG_1163.jpgWe’ll be back!

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