Göreme in the valley

We went for a half hour stroll along the edge of the cliff overlooking Pigeon Valley - great views of ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations surrounding the town of Göreme. There are many hiking trails in this region. Although not that well marked, they’re very easy to hike along - you can easily spend 1/2 a day wandering along these trails through stunning landscapes. Then head back to town for a wide selection of places to find a bite to eat.Avcilar Valley_IMG_5627.jpg

Avcilar Valley_MG_5624.jpg

Avcilar Valley_IMG_5623.jpgA closer look at the village of Göreme.Avcilar Valley_IMG_5625.jpgThe boutique Göreme Kaya Hotel in the foreground - the hotel is outfitted with local handicrafts such as carpets and rugs, tiles and ceramics.Village_IMG_5634.jpg

Town Avcilar Valley_IMG_5634.jpgA small cliff top market and cafe greets us as we stroll along the top edge of the cliff overlooking the valley. Fantastic views from every table.

Here….Avcilar Valley_IMG_5641.jpgor here.. Avcilar Valley_IMG_5631.jpgThis is a nazar - sometimes called an evil eye stone - an amulet which is believed to protect against the evil eye. Glass charms such as this are widely seen around Turkey. It also appears to be a favorite souvenir with the tourists.Avcilar Valley_IMG_5643.jpgAssorted weavings and glass hanging ornaments as seen in the market.Avcilar Valley_IMG_5640.jpg

Market at Avcilar Valley_IMG_5628.jpg

Near Avcilar Valley_IMG_5630.jpg

Market at Avcilar Valley_IMG_5629.jpg

Avcilar Valley_IMG_5637.jpg

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