At the beach in Antalya, Turkey

The beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Antalya, in southwestern Turkey.  Although the waters looked cold and felt cold to me, there were people taking  a morning swim as I walked along the beach.Antalya_C03803.jpg

Antalya_C04049.jpgLooking northeast - east  along the coast of Antalya.Antalya_C04050.jpgA brief rain storm passes over southwestern Antalya as I glance into the distance towards the port of Antalya and the Celebi Marina.Antalya_C04055.jpgWe stayed at the Crowne Plaza (southwest edge of Antalya) for a couple of nights while checking out the sights in the Antalya region such as the ruins at Perge, the amazing theatre at Aspendos, the Duden waterfalls and the Antalya museum.Crowne Plaza Antalya_C04063.jpg

Crowne Plaza Antalya_C04064.jpg

Friendly Planet - Best of Turkey tour

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Welcome to my travel photo blog. Photography has been a part of my life for a long time – back in the day the Pentax Super Program was always near at hand. But it wasn’t until I started travelling around the world that photography became a vehicle for me to show others about the absolutely amazing and complex world we live in. My hope is to share with you glimpses of what I’ve seen. Enjoy!