Aksaray Sultanhani Part 3

The Aksaray Sultanhani , an important stopover along the Silk Road, is a beautiful caravanserai (roadside inn)and its great colonnaded hall (winter hall) is spectacular in my estimation!

As the weather grew colder, the travellers stopping at the Aksaray Sultanhani, would head indoors to the winter hall - a massive covered and enclosed hall. The Aksaray Sultanhani, with Its nave and side aisles, is supported by four rows of pillars and  numerous arches. The dome at the centre of the nave allows light to stream in.Aksaray Sultanhani_IMG_5684.jpg

Aksaray Sultanhani_IMG_5685.jpg

Aksaray Sultanhani_IMG_5686.jpgLight streams in from various portals into one of the side aisles.Aksaray Sultanhani_IMG_5702.jpgStepping into one of the side aisles looking down the corridor of arches.Aksaray Sultanhani_IMG_5683.jpgLooking down the main corridor of the great hall.Aksaray Sultanhani_IMG_5684.jpg

Aksaray Sultanhani_IMG_5688.jpgI found the dome to be absolutely gorgeous!Aksaray Sultanhani_IMG_5690.jpg

Aksaray Sultanhani_IMG_5689.jpgLooking back towards the entrance of the great hall.Aksaray Sultanhani_IMG_5698.jpgWhat a fantastic stop along the way to Konya and later to the south coast of Turkey.

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