Aksaray Sultanhani Part 2

Aksaray Sultanhani is a caravanserai (roadside inn) in Sultanhani, central Turkey.

As I glanced around the courtyard, I noticed these interesting steps near the entrance.  I was definitely intrigued by them.

Aksaray Sultanhani_IMG_5675.jpgA closer look at these interesting stairs!Aksaray Sultanhani_IMG_5714.jpgLooking at the steps even closer.Aksaray Sultanhani_IMG_5717.jpgOr is it this way??Aksaray Sultanhani__IMG_5717.jpg

Then I got this idea. What if I made the steps into a square photo and then …..                        


….. combined four photos?  It’s kind of a brain teaser, isn’t it!

Staring at stairs!Aksaray Sultanhani_stairs.jpg

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