Turkey's Cappadocia region

Having left Özkonak we made our way back to Avanos and then headed south into the Cappadocia countryside.

What fascinating topography!Avanos Countryside_IMG_5205.jpg

Avanos Countryside_IMG_5206.jpgLooks like moonscapes to me!Avanos Countryside_IMG_5208.jpg

Avanos Countryside_IMG_5209.jpg

Avanos Countryside_IMG_5210.jpgMore interesting rock formations - this was just the beginning of spectacular scenery to come!Avanos Countryside_IMG_5212.jpg

Avanos Countryside_IMG_5216.jpg

Avanos Countryside_MG_5218.jpgNearing the Zelve Open Air Museum - looking forward to this visit and wondering what an open air museum is all about!Avanos Countryside_IMG_5220.jpg

Zelve region_IMG_5222.jpg

Zelve region_IMG_5223.jpg

Zelve region_IMG_5224.jpg

Zelve region closeup_IMG_5224.jpg

Friendly Planet - Best of Turkey tour

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