Özkonak Village Scenes

Özkonak, the small village which is home to the Özkonak Underground City lies approximately 14 kms NE of Avanos and some 30 kms NE of this province’s capital, Neveshir.

One of the village mosques in Özkonak. Özkonak _IMG_5204.jpg

Old and new buildings down one of the village lanes.

Özkonak _IMG_5200.jpg

Özkonak _IMG_5199.jpgI just loved this painted sign for this business - perhaps a machine shop of some type?  Er Demir translates to hand iron - I think.Özkonak _IMG_5202.jpgAnd what’s not to love about this beautiful blue doorway, stone wall and greenery!

Özkonak _IMG_5201.jpgLeaving Özkonak behind and off to see more interesting sights in the Cappadocia region of Turkey.

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