Central Anatolian Countryside Scenes

Scenes from the window as we continue traveling further along the Anatolian plateau in central Anatolia, Turkey.

A small flock of sheep grazing on the remnants of a harvested grain field.
Turkey_03460.jpgTowering above Aksaray in central Anatolia, is Mount Hasan (elevation 3253 m - 10,672 ft), an inactive stratovolcano. It is that region’s second highest mountain. It is quite possible to climb to the summit of Mount Hasan - a 5-6 hour trek up from the highest point reachable by vehicle from the north side.Turkey_03462.jpgEast of Aksaray - the scenery begins to change gradually from the flat plateau we’ve been driving on for some time. Hills begin to rise up as we near the Cappadocia region of Turkey.Turkey_03463.jpg

Turkey_03464.jpgNearing Avanos in the Cappadocia region - fascinating topography!Turkey_03469.jpg

Turkey_03471.jpgJust north of Avanos, we pass by what looks like dwellings in the rocks.  It’s just a taste of what we’re about to see next!Turkey_03475.jpgOff to see the Özkonak Underground City.

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