Lake Tuz, Turkey

Back on the bus moving south and east of Ankara, the country’s capital - glancing out my window I noticed an interesting spectacle. A very white lake. I knew it wasn’t ice coving the lake as it was warm outside so wondered if this could be a salt lake.
Lake Tuz (Tuz Gölü) meaning Salt Lake, Turkey is about 150 kms south-east of Ankara in central Anatolia. It is Turkey’s second or third largest lake and one of the largest hypersaline lakes in the world. This lake, measuring 50 km wide by 80 km long, (31 x 50 miles) is fed by two streams but has no outlet. For most of the year, this lake is extremely shallow measuring only about .4m in depth. 
Lake Tuz is also a protected region for several types of bird species, one of which is the greater flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus). Would have loved to have seen the birds however we didn’t during our short stopover here.Lake Tuz_03439.jpg

Lake Tuz_03441.jpg

Lake Tuz_03442.jpgAs we neared the lake, I noticed people walking on the salty surface. And yes, we would be stopping as well for a break and a walk on the lake.Lake Tuz_03443.jpgA closer look at the salt on the lake.Lake Tuz_IMG_5190.jpg

Lake Tuz_IMG_5192.jpgA view from the lake glancing back towards the road we had just arrived here on.Lake Tuz_03447.jpgThree companies on the lake that mine the salt produce 60+% of the salt that’s consumed in Turkey.Lake Tuz_03455.jpg

Lake Tuz_03456.jpgBack on the bus and heading south-east. More Lake Tuz scenes from the window.Lake Tuz_03457.jpg

Lake Tuz_03458.jpg

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