Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara - often referred to Turkey’s most outstanding museum occupies two renovated Ottoman-era buildings (a bazaar warehouse built in the 15th century) in the Atpazari district of the city. Housed in this museum are displays of the achievements of Anatolia’s many diverse cultures. As posted on a plaque near the entrance, Ankara’s Museum of Anatolia Civilizations also won the 1997 European Museum of the Year award.Museum of Anatolia Civilizations_IMG_5141.jpgThe exhibits are laid out in chronological order starting with the Paleolithic age and continuing to the Ottoman period.Museum Anatolia Civilizations_IMG_5142.jpg

Museum of Anatolia Civilizations_IMG_5142.jpgI was fascinated by the cave drawings/paintings on display. Museum of Anatolia Civilizations_IMG_5144.jpgMother Goddess supported by two felines - this statue is approx. 20 cm in height - found at Çatalhöyük; first half of 6th millennium BC.Museum Anatolia Civilizations_IMG_5146.jpgBesides all the amazing displays, I couldn’t help but notice some great ceiling detail!Museum Anatolia Civilization_IMG_5148.jpg

Museum Anatolia Civilizations_IMG_5149.jpgThis 2.25m high limestone relief represents the figure of a warrior god from the Kings Gate in Hattusas which was the capital of the Hittite empire from 2000 to 1180 BC. A replica now stands in its place at the actual gate in Hattusas.Museum Anatolia Civilizations_IMG_5153.jpg

Museum Anatolia Civilizations_IMG_5155.jpgMore great architectural details in soothing colours.Museum Anatolia Civilizations_IMG_5167.jpg

MuseumAnatoliaCivilizations.jpgBas-reliefs from ancient times.Museum Anatolia Civilizations_IMG_5157.jpg

Museum Anatolia Civilizations_IMG_5164.jpgMore ancient treasures as seen in the Museum.Museum Anaatolia Civilizations_IMG_5168.jpg

Museum Anatolia Civilizations_IMG_5169.jpgLeaving the museum, we spent some time walking around in the gardens surrounding it. Filled with statues and other ancient artifacts, the garden was a quiet and peaceful place. 

Inscriptions on Roman road markers (looked like large columns) displayed in the exterior courtyard/garden area of the museum.Museum of Anatolian Civilizations_IMG_5182.jpg

Museum Anatolia Civilizations_IMG_5182.jpgVarious statues as seen in the gardens surrounding the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.Museum of Anatolian Civilizations_03427.jpg

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations_IMG_5171.jpg

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations_IMG_5176.jpg

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