Heading out into the Turkish countryside!

Leaving Istanbul now and heading east with the bus towards Ankara, the country’s capital in the western Anatolia region. Most fellow travellers are sleeping but I can never seem to sleep while travelling. What if I were to miss something interesting!

Views from the bus window! Leaving Istanbul - crossing over the Bosphorus Bridge.Turkey_03328.jpg



Half hour out of Istanbul. Shipping ports along the Sea of Marmara.Turkey_03337.jpg




Turkey_03342.jpgAn hour+ out from Istanbul. Forgot to note where this was but quite sure this is the city of Izmit (a city devestated by a major earthquake in 1999). So much construction in this country!Turkey_03344.jpgTwo hours out of Istanbul. Beautiful low mountains. Gorgeous scenery.Turkey_03345.jpgFour and a half hours out from Istanbul.Turkey_03347.jpg

Turkey_03348.jpgFive hours away from Istanbul. Such a variety of scenery. Camlidere Dam.Turkey_03351.jpg


Turkey_03358.jpgSmall Turkish village nearing Ankara.Turkey_03361.jpgOff to Ankara next.

Friendly Planet - Best of Turkey tour

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