Heredan Kervansaray Restaurant

Stopped by for lunch at Heredan Kervansaray - a large restaurant in the Avanos, Cappadocia region of Turkey.  Each of it’s numerous dining halls are individually decorated  and tasty Turkish cuisine is served. As is sometimes the case when one travels with a tour group, this seemed to be built to handle those bus loads of tourists passing by.  Overall, the food was tasty!Hanedan Kervansaray_SC03626.jpgLoved this old wooden door.Hanedan Kervansaray_03626.jpg

Hanedan Kervansaray_C03624.jpgThe walls are tastefully decorated with interesting cultural artifacts.Hanedan Kervansaray_C03620.jpgTasty breads and salads were served as starters.Hanedan Kervansaray_C03623.jpg

Hanedan Kervansaray_C03622.jpg

Hanedan Kervansaray_IMG_5515.jpg

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