Hagia Sophia - Viking Graffiti

Hagia Sophia - there’s more than just mosaics and paintings in the Hagia Sophia.

There’s graffiti as well! The first of several graffiti markings carved into a parapet on the top floor of the southern gallery were discovered in 1964. Not particularly well preserved, only a portion can be deciphered - as graffiti possibly from the VIking Age (the 9th century).A sign posted by this graffiti says: The Viking’s graffitties are illegible except for the name …HALVDAN … it dates 9th century.Graffiti_Hagia Sophia_IMG_4968.jpgOther runic inscriptions as seen on the parapets in the southern upper galleries.Graffiti_Hagia Sophia_IMG_4978.jpg

Graffiti_Hagia Sophia_IMG_4975.jpg

Graffiti_Hagia Sophia_IMG_4966.jpg
Graffit_Hagia Sophia_IMG_4977.jpg

Friendly Planet - Best of Turkey tour

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