A closer look at the Spice Bazaar, Istanbul

Istanbul - A closer look at the amazing Spice Bazaar and street stalls nearby.

I can’t believe how delicious these figs look!Spice Bazaar_Figs_IMG_5067.jpgFresh walnutsSpice Bazaar Walnuts_IMG_5066.jpgTasty Turkish apricots and dates.Spice Bazaar_dried fruits_IMG_5068.jpgCheeseSpice Bazaar_Cheese_IMG_5069.jpgNuts, nuts and more nuts.Spice Market_Istanbul_C03295.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Mixed Nuts_03300.jpg
Sun-dried tomatoesSpice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5079.jpgAssortment of sweetsSpice Bazaar_sweets_03303.jpgTasty Turkish Delight at Hazar Baba’s (of course I bought some to take home!)Spice Bazaar_Pistacio_04627.jpgAmazing aroma of tea mixes at Hazar Baba’s stall.Spice Bazaar_04630.jpgFresh fish standsSpice Bazaar_fish_IMG_5083.jpg

Spice Bazaar_fish_IMG_5085.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_03310.jpgSo much market to see, not enough time! Want to go back!

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