Spice Bazaar, Istanbul

I LOVE markets and visiting the Spice Market (Egyptian Bazaar) in Istanbul, Turkey was no different.  Dating back to the 17th century, this amazing market is a photographers and souvenier-hunters dream! The Spice Market was originally built in the mid-1600’s as part of the Yeni Mosque (The New Mosque of Mother Sultan), a classical, traditional-style Ottoman mosque located adjacent - the bazaar revenues once helped maintain the mosque.

View of the large square in front of the New Mosque and the Spice Bazaar.
Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5061.jpgThe market was super crowded with locals and tourists alike, shopping for daily groceries and vacation souveniers. 

The Spice Market is a large L-shaped structure. Narrow streets next to the market extend that crowded market atmosphere and truly encapsulate that old Istanbul feel. There was so much energy and commotion - I loved this place! I highly recommend a visit here.

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5090.jpg

Spice Bazaar_IMG_5064.jpgBeautiful vegetables, fruits and nuts at this stall near the Spice Bazaar with roasted meats next door.Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5065.jpg

Spice Bazaar Istanbul_IMG_5066.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5067.jpgScenes from the Spice Market and street stalls nearby. Delicious cheese at this stand.Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5069.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5082.jpgOne of the many spice stands.Spice Market_Istanbul_IMG_5070.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5072.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5073.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5078.jpg

Spice Market_Istanbul_IMG_5071.jpgNot sure but I think this is carob beans.Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5076.jpgDried fruits and nuts at many stalls.
Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5068.jpg
Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_C03296.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_03297.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_03298.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5075.jpgGorgeous sundried tomatoes. Spice Bazaar_sundried tomatos_IMG_5079.jpgFantastic tea aroma!Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5080.jpgMore nuts and fruits.Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_03300.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_03301.jpgWe found the sweets!Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_03302.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_03303.jpgAnd not to miss - the fresh fish market!Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_03304.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5087.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5085.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5084.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5083.jpgYum - olives!Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_IMG_5086.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_03307.jpg

Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_03308.jpgAnd my favorite - Hazer Baba Turkish Delight. You must stop here!Spice Bazaar_Hazer Baba_04628.jpgAnd my absolute favorite - the Kakaolu Duble Lokum - the Cocoa Double Delight. Two kgs. to go, please. Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_04627.jpgA huge selection of tea mixes are available at Hazar Baba’s stall. Mixes with hibiscus, pomegranate, ginger, rose - the aroma was amazing!Spice Bazaar_Istanbul_04630.jpg

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