Day 22 - Caballito de Mar - The Little Seahorse

This is the symbol of Puerto Vallarta - the little boy riding the seahorse.

Caballito de Mar (Little Seahorse) is a wonderful sculpture created by artist Rafael Zamarripa, an artist from Guadalajara. The original sculpture was first made in 1960 when Zamarripa was only 18 years of age and installed at Las Pilitas, a natural rock formation at the south end of Los Muertos Beach (and was swept out to sea during a large storm). A larger replica over 3 meters in height (this one placed on the Malecon) was requested and inaugerated in 1976. The first scuplture was then found and brought back to Puerto Vallarta and reinstalled in it’s original location at Las Pilitas. After Hurricane Kenna in 2002 passed by, that original sculpture was once again washed into the sea (and yes, you guessed it, found again!) and once again resides at Las Pilitas.

El Niño sobre el Caballo de Mar” (The Boy on the Seahorse) as seen on the Malecon with the beautiful Puerto Vallarta sunset.The Little Seahorse_C06123.jpg

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