Firca Ceramics, Avanos, Turkey

Avanos, Cappadocia, Turkey - A tour of Turkey will likely include a stop at a local ceramics shop. We dropped by Firca Ceramics Cappadocia located in Avanos. This large shop is located in a natural area carved completely in the rock.

Ceramics has been in the Firca family for over 250 years. They have their own ‘ceramics education’ and anyone wishing to be a master potter has a lengthy and strenuous training period ahead of them - well over nine years of training with extremely difficult examinations. Read more about the process here.

Firca Ceramics_IMG_5521.jpg

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Firca Ceramics_IMG_5564.jpgThese are some of the sights along the indoor paths that lead to the workshops, demonstration rooms and showrooms.  No artifical construction has been used in this center - it is all natural and carved out of the surrounding rock.Firca Ceramics_IMG_5523.jpg

Firca Ceramics_IMG_5522.jpgHere, an artist works with white clay - carrying on the tradition of ceramic culture of the Anatolia region.Firca Ceramics_IMG_5536.jpg

Firca Ceramics_IMG_5527.jpg

Firca Ceramics_IMG_5528.jpg

Firca Ceramics_IMG_5526.jpg

Firca Ceramics_IMG_5537.jpg

Firca Ceramics_IMG_5538.jpg

Firca Ceramics_IMG_5532.jpgA closer look at a couple of the artists at work that create these beautiful pieces of art.Firca Ceramics_IMG_5540.jpg

Firca Ceramics_IMG_5541.jpg

Firca Ceramics_IMG_5542.jpg

Firca Ceramics_IMG_5544.jpg

Firca Ceramics_IMG_5543.jpgA look at the flywheel used in the demonstration room. The wheel is set spinning with just a few kicks by the potter’s foot and spins allowing the potter to form the clay with his hands into beautiful pieces of art.Firca Ceramics_IMG_5555.jpg

Firca Ceramics_IMG_5550.jpg

Firca Ceramics_IMG_5554.jpgNext - a closer look at some of the gorgeous ceramics at Firca Ceramics.

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