Devrent Valley, Turkey

Devrent Valley (also known as Imagination Valley or Pink Valley) is located about halfway down the road from Avanos to Ürgüp. This valley has a lunar-like landscape with rocks shaped in animal formations! No inhabitants ever lived in this area but the wild shapes in this landscape is worth a stop to check out! The area is covered in tiny fairy chimneys (as seen on the left hand side of this photo).  Our stop here was very short so I didn’t get the chance to see the other animal shapes naturally carved out of these rocks such as a dolphin, snake and seal.Devrent Valley_Panorama1.jpgMore fairy chimneys dot the landscape. A friend hikes up to get a closer look.Devrent Valley_IMG_5325.jpg

Devrent Valley_IMG_5322.jpg

Devrent Valley_IMG_5324.jpgNo wonder this place is called Imagination Valley - if you take the time to hike this region, you will spot such natural formations such as an alligator, praying Mary, seals, dancers, a couple kissing, and a cobra. A friend takes a closer look (RH side).Dervent Valley_IMG_5329.jpgThe camel rock formation - now fenced off so visitors don’t attempt to climb up on it!Devrent Valley_IMG_5330.jpg

Camel_Devrent Valley_03551.jpg

Camel_Devrent Valley_IMG_5315.jpg

Use your imagination here! 

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