Khao Tao - a picturesque village

Khao Tao Village - a tiny and absolutely charming fishing village located less than 20 kms south of Hua Hin. We hired a tuk-tuk in Hua Hin to take us out to this tiny village and made arrangements with our driver to pick us up late in the day. Not only is Khao Tao charming with all the colourful fishing boats, the people are super nice and friendly. There was a festival happening the day we were there (more on that in an upcoming post!).

Looking east - Khao Tao fishing village with temple in background on the right. The Gulf of Thailand stretches out beyond. KhaoTaoVillage_02250.jpg


KhaoTaoVillage_02253.jpgThere is a large temple complex in Khao Tao with numerous Buddha statues and shrines as well as several caves in the area. This photo was taken from the beach looking south towards the tiny inlet where many small colourful fishing boats were docked.KhaoTaoVillage_02292.jpgKhao Tao has a long beach area (looking north, you can see the regions around Nong Kae and Hua Hin in the distance).beach near KhaoTao_02290.jpgLooking out over the waters of the Gulf of Thailand.KhaoTao_02291.jpg

Now off to the festival in town!

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