The Peaceful Countryside of Pai

Pai, in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand - what a beautiful region of Thailand. I’ve seen photos of the lush green rice fields that fill the valley but we arrived during harvest. Beautiful, none the less.
Surrounding the wonderful Bueng Pai Farm where we stayed for three days are rice fields and most farmers had just finished harvesting the rice crop.
Two ways to reach the town of Pai from Bueng Pai Farm - the walk (or motorcycle ride if you choose)  through the rice fields or along the main road. We choose the quiet walk along side the farmers fields. 

PaiCountryside_02086.jpgRice straw stacked up. PaiCountryside_02087.jpgThe cement road quickly ends and the trail narrows. This trail curves to the right and after 30 minutes of leisurely walking, you reach the bridge which crosses over Pai River on the edge of Pai town.PaiCountryside_02088.jpgThe harvest was over in this field and the farmer was letting his cows graze. Pai Countryside_02119.jpgThe local farmer hauls away the straw (one of the Bueng Pai Farm bungalows on the right).Pai Countryside_02118.jpgThe sun was setting around 6 pm as we walked back from town to Bueng Pai Farm. A lovely quiet, peaceful walk at dusk through the valley near Pai. We continued along the narrow trail used by the locals which skirts the edge of the fields.PaiCountryside_02172.jpg

PaiCountryside_02091.jpgAs we near Bueng Pai Farm, we look across the harvested rice field and see the nearby temple to the right in the background.Pai Countryside_02140.jpgThe sun sets over the mountains near Pai, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand. Farewell Pai! We loved Pai!Sunset over Pai_02134.jpgWe now leave Pai to venture south towards Hua Hin via Chiang Mai and Bangkok on the day train. 

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