Sultan Ahmed Mosque - Inside

SULTAN AHMED MOSQUE, Istanbul, Turkey - Wow, stunning!

It truly was hard to know where to look first - so many details, so much colour and… so many tourists!Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__C03153.jpgThe interior is spacious and open with a focus around the central dome which rests on pendentives (curved triangular supports) overtop four massive columns which outlines the central court, as it were. The central dome is then surrounded by four semi-domes which are surrounded by smaller semi-domes - three on all sides except for the qibla wall which is the wall that the worshippers face towards.

Overwhelmed, I truly didn’t know what I should start photographing first. A closer look at the central dome reveals twenty-eight windows while each of the four semi-domes has fourteen.Sultan Ahmed Mosque_IMG_4800.jpg

Sultan Ahmed Mosque_IMG_4801.jpgTravellers have given the name ‘Blue Mosque’ to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque because of the tiles that cover the interior in vivid shades of blue, turquoise and green.Sultan Ahmed Mosque_IMG_4790.jpg

Sultan Ahmed Mosque_C03156.jpg

Sultan Ahmed Mosque_C03157.jpg

Sultan Ahmed Mosque_C03151.jpg

Sultan Ahmed Mosque_IMG_4803.jpg

Sultan Ahmed Mosque_C03155.jpg

Sultan Ahmed Mosque_IMG_4810.jpg

Stay tuned for more posts on Sultan Ahmed Mosque to come shortly.

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