Lining up to see the Blue Mosque

SULTAN AHMED MOSQUE (Blue Mosque), Turkey - besides being a very popular tourist attraction, it is also an active mosque so it does close to non-worshippers during the five daily prayer times. 

We exited the main courtyard via a side gate and waited in a long line (though shorter than the line-up on the courtyard) in order to gain entrance to the mosque via a secondary side entrance.Sultan Ahmed Mosque_IMG_4850.jpg

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__IMG_4786.jpgA line of ablution spigots on the outside of the mosque - used by the faithful to wash or wipe parts of one’s body with water as part of a religious rite.Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__IMG_4783.jpg

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__C03146.jpg

Finally - getting closer to seeing the interior of the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque). Those entering must remove their shoes (bags are provided for visitors to carry their shoes while touring inside). Women must wear head coverings before entering the mosque and if they have come unprepared, coverings are also provided for them.

Looking forward to seeing the magnificent interior of Sultan Ahmed Mosque.

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