Turkey - the adventure begins

It feels like forever since I last posted on our travels. It’s been just over one month since we returned from Turkey - our latest travel adventure. As you may know, we usually book off six weeks during the year to check out some corner of this amazing world we live in but having only booked three weeks this time (two weeks of that being in Turkey on a Friendly Planet Best of Turkey tour)  I knew it wouldn’t be enough time to see everything I had planned. A return trip at some point will be needed. More time needed in discover the narrow streets of Old City Istanbul and more time in villages along Turkey’s coastlines.

Because the internet connections were sporatic during the trip, I chose not to blog while travelling. And to be very honest, after a full day of sightseeing and some long bus rides, I just wanted to relax in the evenings.

And perhaps, I’ve actually been procrastinating on blogging - because, frankly, I’ve been having difficulty sifting through all the photos and wondering where to start exactly!

I’ve decided to start my blog about Turkey with this photo. A look, as it were, at the start of some amazing sights and scenery in the Old City district of Sultanahmet.

First up, a glimpse through the massive wooden gates that open onto the courtyard of Sultan Ahmed Mosque, or as it’s also known - the Blue Mosque.

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__C03141.jpg

Friendly Planet - Best of Turkey tour

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Welcome to my travel photo blog. Photography has been a part of my life for a long time – back in the day the Pentax Super Program was always near at hand. But it wasn’t until I started travelling around the world that photography became a vehicle for me to show others about the absolutely amazing and complex world we live in. My hope is to share with you glimpses of what I’ve seen. Enjoy!