Sultan Ahmed Mosque - Beautiful Blue

ISTANBUL, Turkey - The beautiful historical Sultan Ahmed Mosque was one of the first stops we made while touring Istanbul, Turkey. The mosque is also well known as the Blue Mosque because of the gorgeous blue tiles that adorn its interior walls. It was built between 1609 and 1616 during the rule of Ahmed l and is a fine example of Ottoman classical architecture.

The mosque is comprised of a large prayer hall under one large dome with an open courtyard to the northwest.The mosque and courtyard are surrounded by a stone wall on three sides. 

The walled enclosure with windows and several huge gates opening into the courtyard of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque.Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque_IMG_4754.jpgOne of the entrances to the courtyard from Sultanahmet Square on the northwest side of the grounds. Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque_IMG_4755.jpg

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque_IMG_4756.jpg

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque_IMG_4758.jpgA closer look at the courtyard’s entrance stalactite semi-dome.Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque_IMG_4760.jpg

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__C03139.jpg

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque_IMG_4767.jpg

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__C03140.jpgGlancing up at the beautiful domed arcade which frames the courtyard on three sides and the mosque portico. Wonderfully carved wooden doors tower on the sides of the entrances.Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque_IMG_4768.jpg

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__IMG_4769.jpg

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__C03143.jpg

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__IMG_4782.jpg

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__IMG_4770.jpg

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque___IMG_4770.jpgInside the courtyard looking towards the Blue Mosque.Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__IMG_4772.jpgBeautiful, beautiful hue of blue. The main entrance to Saltan Ahmed Mosque is visible.

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__C03145.jpg

Magnificent and gorgeous.Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__C03144 copy.jpg

Sultan Ahmed (Blue)Mosque__03144 copy.jpgI have never seen as many tourists visiting a country as I did in Turkey. Tourists from every part of the world are visiting here in Turkey. Tourists and tour buses - everywhere! Patience was the word of the day (week).

A look at the line-ups of visitors snaking around the courtyard. A hexagonal fountain in the foregound to the right is dwarfed by the sheer size of this stunning mosque.BW_bluemosque__C03144 copy.jpg

Up next - getting into the long line-up to tour the interior of this gorgeous mosque.

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