Snake with that whiskey?

Boarded a boat in Chiang Saen which took us along the Mekong river in Northern Thailand to the region called the Golden Triangle (where Thailand meets Myanmar and Laos).  After a while on the Mekong, we docked at Donsao Island (Laos) . After a quick stop at the post office to get our passports stamped with a Lao post mark (just to say we’d been to Laos), we ventured through the stalls that lined the the island’s edge. Donsao Island is definitely not an authentic Lao experience but a small island merely set up for tourists (I think) and one can not enter Laos from here. To reach the Laos mainland, one needs to pass through official border crossings.Upload from July 16, 2012Food stalls and stalls filled with inexpensive goods such as purses, luggage, and clothing gave the area that small village feel.Upload from July 16, 2012

Upload from July 16, 2012

Upload from July 16, 2012
And in one small stall that appeared to sell antiques, I found this lovely tea set! Used, no doubt. Didn’t buy it but took a photo - loved the colours!Upload from July 16, 2012
And don’t forget to try the whiskey…………….with the snake inside!  Ahhh, thanks but no thanks.Upload from July 16, 2012

Upload from July 16, 2012

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