Lone Fisherman on the Mekong

I took a photo of a lone fisherman tending his nets on the Mekong in northern Thailand. To me, the photo was ………. just ok…….

Upload from July 15, 2012

…. so I decided to re-work the photo in Photoshop. I should’ve recorded my photoshop actions as I’m not quite sure how I got these results. Just alot of playing around and experimenting. It reminds me of a painting done with watercolours. Your thoughts?

Upload from July 10, 2012

Friendly Planet - Incredible Thailand tour

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Welcome to my travel photo blog. Photography has been a part of my life for a long time – back in the day the Pentax Super Program was always near at hand. But it wasn’t until I started travelling around the world that photography became a vehicle for me to show others about the absolutely amazing and complex world we live in. My hope is to share with you glimpses of what I’ve seen. Enjoy!