Scenes from the Golden Triangle

Visiting the Golden Triangle region in Northern Thailand - where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet. We took a bus to Chiang Saen, a town along the Thai - Laos border and then boarded a boat for a trip along the mighty Mekong. 

Following are scenes along the Mekong River nearby Chiang Saen. Boat traffic on the Mekong with Laos in the background.Upload from July 10, 2012

Homes and life along the Mekong.Upload from July 10, 2012

Upload from July 10, 2012

The beautiful bright colours of the long tail boats.Upload from July 10, 2012

Nearby Chiang Saen along the shores of the Mekong is a giant Golden Buddha. The large blue boat below gives some sense of scale as to how large this Buddha actually is.

Upload from July 10, 2012

Upload from July 10, 2012

Friendly Planet - Incredible Thailand tour

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