Chestnuts roasting on an open Mae Sai

About 60 kms from Chiang Rai lies the city of Mae Sai, Thailand’s most northern city with just under 100,000 inhabitants in the district. Mae Sai has one street running down the centre of the city (Pahonyotin Road) so it’s easy to get around on foot. Life here in this place seems to revolve around the border crossing.

Upload from July 05, 2012

Just beyond Mae Sai lies a border crossing with Myanmar (formerly known as Burma).  Beyond the bright blue Immigration building in the photo below is where the border crossing with Myanmar is located. As tourists, we were able to walk around the blue building and walk out on a small observation deck overlooking the Mae Sai River and towards Myanmar beyond.

Upload from July 05, 2012From the observation deck along the Mai Sai River we look towards the bridge that links Mae Sai to the Myanmar border crossing.Upload from July 05, 2012Back in Mai Sai, the stores and street markets were bustling with action. Many vendors roasting chestnuts lined the streets and sidewalks in front of a multitude of shops (some selling inexpensive jewels imported from Myanmar while others sell inexpensive curio items imported from China. But what always fascinates me are the food stalls.

Just one of the many stalls selling roasted chestnuts - the black bead-like hot iron pebbles are mixed in with the chestnuts during the roasting process which help the chestnuts cook through more evenly. Chestnuts are often eaten during the cool season (November-March) in Thailand. Constant stirring guarantees a delectable treat! And the smell of roasted chestnuts in the air is ‘delightful!’.Upload from July 05, 2012

Upload from July 05, 2012Tasty skewers of grilled meats at the market. Fruits, vegetables and roasted beans and nuts are also available for purchase.Upload from July 07, 2012Yummy!Upload from July 07, 2012Just one of the multitude of transportation modes of getting ones goods to the market. Upload from July 07, 2012

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