Bang Pa-In Summer Palace

It’s not every day that I get to stroll the grounds of a royal palace.

In the Bang Pa-In district in the Ayutthaya Province 60 kms north of Bangkok is the gorgeous royal palace called Bang Pa-In Royal Palace. This palace complex is also known as the Summer Palace - formerly used by the Thai Kings.

Although construction originally began in the early 1600’s, it was abandoned until restoration began in the mid 1800’s.  Most of the present buildings on the palace grounds were built in the late 1800’s. The current royal family occasionally uses this palace for special occasions. The Versaillesque gardens are kept in immaculate condition with many European-style buildings on the complex grounds.

Exhibition Hall (Saphakhan Ratchaprayun) in the background - currently used as a museum.Upload from December 30, 2011

Divine Seat of Personal Freedom (Aisawan Thiphya-At) sits in the middle of a lake on the palace grounds with Tevaraj-Kanlai Gate to the right. Upload from December 30, 2011

Divine Seat of Personal Freedom (Aisawan Thiphya-At) - the only Thai-style structure on the grounds.
Upload from December 30, 2011

Sages’ Lookout (Ho Withun Thasana) with Heavenly Light (Wehart Chamrun) - the Chinese-style royal residence in the background.
Upload from December 30, 2011

Friendly Planet

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