Nothing fishy about these mobiles - only good luck.

Ayutthaya - We dropped by a small hut along a small, quiet street in Ayutthaya to check out palm leaf handicrafts - a popular craft of the region. Inside were a few women who were quietly folding narrow strips of palm leaves into many different shaped items such as bowls and various shapes - the majority being fish of every size used in fish mobiles. The smaller fish in the mobile are thought to symbolize fertility. Once folded, the leaves are then painted in great detail with bright colours.

The fish depicted is the carp which is a sign of prosperity. Fish mobiles are traditionally hung over the baby’s crib in Thailand.  Fish mobiles are also hung in the entranceways of homes and businesses as a harbinger of good fortune. Upload from February 14, 2012Folded with great precision and ready to be painted.Upload from February 14, 2012

Upload from February 14, 2012

Friendly Planet - Incredible Thailand tour

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