Wat Phra Monkhol Bophit rises from the ruins

Ayutthaya - Wat Phra Monkhol Bophit  was built to house the 15th century Plhra Mongkol Bophit, a giant bronze Buddha statue (almost 10 meters wide and 12.5 meters high) upon a huge pedestal. Wat Phra Monkhol Bophit is home to Thailand’s largest seated bronze Buddha.  

The current building was renovated in the mid 1950’s and is just barely big enough to house the huge statue leaving room for little else. It was built in the same style of the original which was destroyed in 1767.


Upload from February 14, 2012
Upload from February 14, 2012

BEFORE RENOVATIONS BELOW  Note the giant Buddha sitting amongst the ruins open to the outdoor elements. After the collapse of the viharn, the Buddha remained under the open sky for the next 200 years.

(I took the next four photos below of photos found framed in the viharn (prayer room) of Wat Phra Monkhol Bophit showing the delapiated condition prior to renovations)Upload from February 14, 2012

Upload from February 14, 2012

Upload from February 14, 2012

Upload from February 14, 2012After the renovations in the 1950’s, the giant bronze statue was covered entirely in gold leaf.

A current look through the doorway of the viharn shows the immensity of the seated Buddha.Upload from February 14, 2012

CURRENT (2011) in all it’s splendor.Upload from February 14, 2012

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