An elephant is born - Thailand

Maetaman Elephant Camp, northern Thailand - The morning silence was broke with the sound of trumpeting elephants.  The reason? The trumpeting announced the birth of a new baby elephant (calf).  It was a mere 20 minutes that had passed since this mother elephant (cow) gave birth to this not-so- tiny calf. Within minutes of the birth, the cow attempts to help it’s young calf stand to its feet. It’s extremely important that the calf stand as that is the only way it can feed from its mother.Upload from July 27, 2012

Upload from July 27, 2012

Upload from July 27, 2012The new-born calf enters this world with an incredible weight of between 75-110 kgs., stands about 1 metre in height and can chug down over 11 litres of milk a day!  Being weaned off the mother’s milk starts in the first year but usually takes 5-6 years but can take up to 10 years (unless another sibling is born).Upload from July 27, 2012

Upload from July 27, 2012More posts of the elephants at Maetaman Elephant Camp here, here and here.

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