Gorgeous Peru Countryside

We’ve left the wonderful city of Cusco (11,000+ feet above sea level) behind and are travelling south towards Puno. Eight of us in a van. And I have my nose pressed against the window.  The scenery is spectacular.  Gorgeous colours. Various shades of greens, browns and even hints of red.

The following photos are taken along the road between Cusco and La Raya Pass, the highest point on the road between Cusco and Puno at 14,232 feet above sea level.South of Cusco_MG_6891.jpg

South of Cusco_MG_6893.jpg

Peru Countryside_MG_6930.jpg

Peru Countryside_MG_6932.jpg

Peru Countryside_MG_6933.jpgLove the varying shades of green on the hillside above this village.Peru Countryside_MG_6935.jpg

Peru Countryside_MG_6937.jpgClimbing higher and higher, nearing La Raya Pass.Peru Countryside_MG_6938.jpgPerhaps a fire that got away, perhaps a planned burn.Peru Countryside_MG_6939.jpg

Peru Countryside_MG_6940.jpgA couple of buildings at the foot of a waterfall.

Day 9 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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