Cusco - A moment in the life of a silversmith

Cusco, Peru - having been approached by locals selling silver jewelry on the streets in Cusco’s historic centre, we were keen on the opportunity to see the process of silversmithing and the making of jewelry - from start to finish.  We took a 15-minute ride out into the suburbs, high on a hillside overlooking Cusco and entered a side door into the silversmith’s creative space - where silver and stone start from their most original forms and are transformed into beautiful pieces of jewelry. The small room was occupied by the silversmith and 3 apprentices - hard at work making exquisite pieces of jewelry which were then placed in their display cases in a room at the front of the building. Each piece was sold by weight.

Cusco Silver_MG_9471.jpg

Cusco Silver_MG_9469.jpg


Day 7 & 8 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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