Cusco streets in the historic center

In and around the historical center of Cusco, you will find numerous churches, plazas, and narrow cobblestone streets - some only accessible by foot. I could have easily spent another week just hanging out and discovering every street and all its treasures in the historial center of Cusco! 
Really loved the pedestrian only streets - in the San Blas barrio (neighbourhood) and this one just off of Plaza de Armas to the south east. I thoroughly enjoyed walking along these streets with the many cafes, restaurants, and variety of shops. When I took this photo, we were headed off in the direction of the chaotic central market for a delicious, freshly squeezed fruit smoothie (or whatever else we’d find there!). If you look really hard in this photo, you can see the Arco Santa Clara at the end of this street.Cusco Street_MG_6750.jpg

A closer look at Arco de Santa Clara - this arch leads from the Plaza San Francisco to the Calle (street) Santa Clara.  It was built in 1835 to celebrate the federation with Bolivia (albeit short-lived).Arco Santa Clara Cusco_MG_6752.jpg
Not sure - perhaps damage to the arch emblem caused by earthquakes??

                       Cusco Gate3.jpg
Looking down Avenue El Sol - there are thousands of these tiny taxis everywhere in Cusco.  Perfect for some of the extremely narrow streets in Cusco and elsewhere.Cusco_MG_6747.jpg
Street scene near Plaza San Francisco.Cusco Street View_MG_6760.jpg
The beautiful Plaza San Francisco - away from the hustle and bustle of the Main Plaza (Plaza de Armas).Plaza San Francisco Cusco_MG_6762.jpg
The fountain in Plaza San Francisco. Cusco’s official flag in the background.

Day 7 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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