Machu Picchu - taking time to notice the tiny details.

While taking in all the incredible views that Machu Picchu has to offer, I also noticed splashes of colour throughout the site. Had a closer look and took time to smell the …… begonias!   These are begonia veitchii.Machu Picchu Flower_MG_6496.jpg Machu Picchu Flowers_MG_6499.jpg Machu Picchu flowers_MG_6571.jpgThis is the coca plant, a small shrub often spelled koka in Quechua - its a plant native to north-western South America and it plays a significant role in traditional Andean culture.  If visiting Peru, you’ll probably have a chance to try coca tea - believed to alleviate symptoms of altitude sickness. More often the leaves of the coca plant are chewed - said to help with the alleviation of pain.Machu Picchu CocaPlant_MG_6517.jpgDainty pink bloom.

                                           Machu Picchu_MG_6515.jpg

The area around Machu Picchu has 372 species of orchids - some of them pictured here.    
Machu Picchu_MG_6514.jpg

Machu Picchu Orchids_MG_6600.jpgGorgeous pink blooms at Machu Picchu, perhaps an orchid?Machu Picchu blooms_MG_6554.jpg

Machu Picchu _MG_6601.jpg

Machu Picchu_MG_6602.jpg

Day 6 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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