Machu Picchu - Llamas and Lizards and more!

Musings from the terraces above Machu Picchu. It was hard to tear myself away from this spot.

From this vantage point on the west side of Machu Picchu, you can see the beautiful terracing, the neighbouring mountain sides and the Urubamba River far below. It was so peaceful just standing here and taking in all the beauty surrounding me.Machu Picchu_MG_6479.jpg

Did I mention I LOVE terraces? Machu Picchu_MG_6485.jpg

Machu Picchu_MG_6486.jpg Machu Picchu_MG_6484.jpg Machu Picchu_MG_6488.jpgThe spiny whorltail iguana spotted quite often scurrying about Machu Picchu.Machu Picchu_MG_6454.jpgMore llamas grazing on the terraces.Llamas_Machu Picchu_MG_6455.jpg llamas_Machu Picchu IMG_6436.jpg Llama Machu Picchu IMG_6423.jpg Machu Picchu IMG_6425.jpg

Machu Picchu IMG_6426.jpg
Looking east towards the Watchman’s House.Machu Picchu_MG_6476.jpgLooking here at the rock quarry, (left foreground) followed by the main temple area just to the top right of quarry and then following along left side to background where the Intiwatana complex is located atop an awkwardly built pyramid - for the prevention of soil erosion. Main city gate (door) visible near bottom right foreground. More to come on these areas in future post. Machu Picchu_MG_6483.jpg

Machu Picchu_MG_6495.jpg

Here sits the Temple of the Sun (center right - rounded walled complex). Dedicated to the solar god and Incan deity Inti, it was only accessible to the priets and the Sapa Inca.  At this important site, the measurements of the solstices were made. Located below the Sun Temple is the Royal Grave where the nobles were laid to rest in a mummified state (closer looks at these in posts to come).Machu Picchu_MG_6489.jpgGlancing down at the steep terraces on the west side of the city.Machu Picchu_MG_6502.jpg

Day 6 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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