Up, up and away....

While in Lima, Peru, a must do or a must view is paragliding.  On our daily strolls along the steep cliffs of Miraflores, we’d spot the paragliders in the sky above us on most days.

Up, up and away….
Miraflores Paraglider DSC00665.jpg  Miraflores Paraglider DSC00664.jpg

Paragliding in Miraflores DSC00662.jpg Miraflores Paragliding DSC00663.jpgMiraflores Paragliders DSC00660.jpg

Miraflores Paragliding DSC00661.jpg

Miraflores Paragliders DSC00667.jpg Miraflores Paragliders DSC00668.jpg Miraflores Paraglider DSC00672.jpgGlancing out over the ocean from atop the cliffs of Miraflores.
Miraflores DSC00673.jpg

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